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Organix Technologies, LLC User Buyer Agreement plus Safety/Liability Waiver

Updated September 1, 2016



 The User Buyer Agreement and combined Safety/Liability Waiver form below, must be read through.

You are signing a legal contract and by signing, you are accepting our terms of sale as clearly outlined in the form and accepting the risk associated when purchasing any experimental high voltage power supply.

We are sorry that the form and question section is so lengthy, but it is important that you read and study each section. Feel free to consult with a Lawyer if need be.

 IF YOU NEED THIS FORM IN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE – Please write and we will accommodate your request.

 This form must be fully filled out and completed, along with your signature, there are spots throughout the form that will require your initials to prove you have read and understood each section.

 You will be required to sign, date and initial the important parts and print out this document for your records. Once you have a hard copy, you will be required to scan the entire document into a pdf or jpeg image file and attach it to an email and send it to

Our staff will review your from and vet your answers. Part of our vetting process is to go through any and all emails or calls you have made to our staff to pick up clues as to your technical abilities to safely use the devices in question. The vetting period could take up to one week. If you have not heard back from us in one week’s times, email us to ask about your application form.

Once your application looks good and you are conditionally approved to obtain high voltage equipment, we will go ahead and start working on your quote and get your verified payment to begin building a package for you. Not all Colloidal Producers will be approved to purchase from Organix Technologies.

 Please don’t take any rejection personally. You can still buy our book and accessories and find your own high voltage power supply on your own terms, to complete you high voltage Colloidal Production system. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

  Organix Technologies User Buyer Agreement and Safety and Liability Use Waiver Contract

Name ________________________________________________________________________________


State/Prov__________________________Country__________________________Zip__________________ Telephone Number ___________________________________

Email Address ___________________________________________________

 Part One - Knowledge Questionnaire

 To purchase and use ANY LVDC OR HVAC NST power supply system we distribute, you must affirm that you have previous or current experience in the following technical areas.

If the item is applicable to you and to your experience, please initial each item

Section 1   Knowledge about Power Supplies, using lab and safety gear and basic Colloidal Production 101

 [____]  1- Basic knowledge of safety around AC outlets, the importance of using three prong grounded outlets and lastly that you understand the safety issues surrounding using 115 VAC and 220VAC power. 

[____]  2- Know what the difference between voltage and current is and how both can affect colloidal experimentation and overall batch outcomes.

[____]  3- Know how to safely use electrical/electronic power supplies safely around live colloidal batches in a wet, potentially dangerous environment.

[____]  4- Know how to safely install and manipulate electrical connections, electrodes, and alligator clips or electrode holder apparatus.

[____]  5- Know how to work with lab beakers and handheld PPM testing meters.

[____]  6- Have the ability to adjust Bench Power Supply (or Colloidal Generator) to proper settings and/or adjustments to known Colloidal Mineral(s) settings (each mineral has its own voltage and current requirement). 

[____] 7- I understand and affirm that all uses of said equipment and the published colloidal production methods included are considered PURELY EXPERIMENTAL in nature. And that I am fully aware that my colloidal production experiments and outcomes may differ from those of Organix Labs published baseline testing results.

[____] 8- That you understand the all of our lab tested colloidal production experiments have only been documented with positive outcomes by using PURE STEAM DISTILLED water as your base solution.

You agree not to use other waters; tap, filtered, deionized, charcoal, RO or other less pure waters for your experiments. If you decide to use such waters, all future tech and product support will be immediately and permanently suspended.

 Section 2. HV Systems

Section 2   On top of answering the questions in Section 1, to purchase and use any HV power supply system we distribute, you must affirm that you have experience in the following areas.

If the item is applicable to you and to your experience, please initial each item

[____] 1- You have a complete and full working knowledge of all items as listed and checked off in Section 1 of this form. This includes significant experience working with heavier duty high-voltage leadsets, larger clips, electrodes and electrode holders, including past experience with our LVDC TSM methods.

[____]  2- Know how to properly install HVAC power supply system’s correctly and have an open area, lab bench or table top that is not metallic or metal. Affirm you understand how HV leadsets (even well insulated) that are live or energized can arc over to metal or other metallic items nearby. Also affirming that you understand that even accidently touching or brushing up against and open wire, or insulated lead set or alligator clip can shock or kill you.

[____]  3- Understand that HVAC processes and methods should be carried out on a rubber mat, plastic or wood table top. 

[____] 4- Have prior experience and be well versed with operating safety around high voltages and currents in the ranges of 7500 to 15,000 voltage and from 0 - 60 milliamps.

[____] 5- The colloidal HV producer should be familiar with the high voltage electrical connections and how to properly adjust HV electrodes that have stray AC, which cause RF to surrounding devices. Waiting a full 60 second discharge period before attempting to touch or handle electrodes or alligator clips or to adjust an ARC batch.

[____]  6- Have previous experience and/or the ability to deal with on-going and temporary emergency shut down situations of the HV equipment for both emergencies and regular 'during batch process' PPM or potency testing.

[____] 7- Have the ability to safely ground out or adjust any electrodes in an on-going colloidal batch by using HV rated safety non-metallic devices, pliers, glass rods, etc.

[____] 8- Be able to safely operate, move arms, hands and other body parts and to keep such away from any leadsets, wires, clips, electrodes or metallic devices during a progressing HV batch.

[____] 9- Understand that using ANY high voltage power supply, neon sign transformer, microwave oven MOT or other HV apparatus to experiment on a colloidal batch; that the buyer or other users can be harmed, shocked, mamed, burnt and possibly be killed by their proper or improper use of HV systems in the advanced colloidal nano-particulate production methods.

 [____] 10- That you understand the all of our lab tested colloidal production experiments have only been documented with positive outcomes by using PURE STEAM DISTILLED water as your base solution.

You agree not to use other waters; tap, filtered, deionized, charcoal, RO or other less pure waters for your experiments. If you decide to use such waters, all future tech and product support will be immediately and permanently suspended.

[____] 11- Unless you meet or exceed all of the training and experience as listed, we cannot provide you with any power supply equipment.

We reserve the right to deny any potential buyer or customer the ability to purchase items from us or to provide support if our team feels you have misrepresented yourself on any part of this agreement.

Section 3.  Terms of Sale, Special Order and Delivery Terms and Special Notice about purchasing high voltage power supplies from Organix Labs

If you do not agree to the terms as outlined or cannot lawfully represent that you have significant previous colloidal production experience; including the basic knowledge that all colloidal production experiments are accomplished using only pure steam distilled water as a base and that you furthermore do not intend to deviate wildly from known production methods by using other, non tested liquid bases such as Reverse Osmosis water, soda water, charcoal filtered water, tap or city water, spring water, carbon filtered water, de-ionized water, or any other water not of the pure distilled water type.

You must also affirm that you possess a clear working knowledge in safely working around AC/DC electronics and electrical systems, including safety training around Laboratory High or Low Voltage Power Supplies, AC Circuits, DC Circuits, proper shielding and grounding training and education, you are not eligible to purchase or operate after the purchases, any LVDC or NST power supply we distribute. Please contact us immediately to cancel your ordering process.

It is important for you to understand that by agreeing to, signing and returning this entire document, you are giving up certain rights, including the ability to take any action, whatsoever, against Organix Technologies (otherwise known and referred to in this document as the 'company') it's owners, operators or employees for your participation in the use of any item as sold by Organix Technologies, LLC. Furthermore, this waiver covers all past and present sub-divisions and dealer owned or operated offices, including, but not limited to Organix Technologies, LLC, Pridelabs.US, Pride Communications, DigiPro Power Supplies and any 'Organix' branch or division.

You are also giving up your right of return or refund or Credit Card Chargeback or reversal rights and that you furthermore understand your NST power supply does not carry any sort of money back guaranty or trial or use warranty period or any satisfaction guaranty.

We'll do our best to assist you via email, or phone with technical questions about your use of the devices, however, we are not legally bound for any inaccurate or incorrect answers our staff might give to your questions. Please use common sense when using the device and when you attempt to implement any ideas our staff might give you to explore or try.

Once you have completed this document, please see the bottom for current instructions on how to safely send the document to our offices for review. Organix Technologies reserves the right to accept, reject or modify the terms of this document at anytime, without any notice.



LVDC and NST power supplies do not carry any sort of Money Back Warranty or Satisfaction Guaranty period.

LVDC and NST power supplies are not stocked in house, so each one is special ordered for you on a case by case basis.

Most NST's are located in our warehouse, but NST-220's usually are ordered in and take 7-14 days to get here to our bench.

We reserve the right to use the same physical power supply, but that it might be labeled from an after market seller.

LVDC and NST power supplies cannot be ordered for any sort of 'preview, test or trial' period uses without first getting written permission from ORGANIX TECH.

Please make sure you want the particular LVDC or NST power you need before you have us order one. Please understand that all of your uses of this particular power supply in the field are completely experimental. We make no guarantee that you will or will not be able to effectively recreate colloidal production methods in your home or office lab.

ALL NST's are considered special ordered items and carry NO SATISFACTION WARRANTY PERIOD. In other words, they cannot be returned and any attempts to do so will result in the package being returned to sender. USA shipped LVDC power supplies PS-10, 20, 27, 100, 120 and 400 systems carry the normal 15 day money back period.

Any refund you MIGHT receive back on a returned system will be minus the original shipping cost, packaging and handling, original credit card or bank fees and will reflect our mandatory 25% restocking fee. ELECTRODES CANNOT BE RETURNED ONCE USED - this means if you bend or scuff or blacken them from use, we will not accept them.

The NST Power Supply does carry their respective Manufactures Repair Warranty period as stated below and included with your guides. The repair warranty is only honored by the actual Manufacturer and not the seller. You must send a defective NST directly back to the factory to receive repair service under their published warranty period. If you send an NST back to us without permission, it will be denied and returned to sender. You are responsible for all shipping costs, tariffs, import fees and taxes due in these circumstances.

Section 4.  Further details of your intent to purchase any power supply from Organix Technologies.

It is therefore your intent to purchase of any DIGIPRO NST-SERIES or PS-SERIES power supplies, including any accessories and auxiliary items are being used for the legal purposes only (this varies from Country to Country) and the user/signee agrees to check and make sure it is lawful to use these items in their particular town, city or Country. The user fully understands that the products and by-products produced by using this device using our published experimental colloidal production methods are property of yourself. This means if you screw up and make a bad batch and injury or kill one of your friends or customers, you agree to hold the seller, Organix Technologies and it’s owners harmless for any use of this power supply system or colloidal production methods we may have shown you as information contained in the Books, Guides and addendums you have received with your device.

The signee below represents that any items acquired will be used for personal, non-commercial uses unless stated. Commercial Users are required to also complete a 'Non-Compete/Information Disclosure' section before acquiring any items from our company(s) or dealers. Basically, we agree not to share your ideas and methods if you agree not to share the methods we teach and instruct in our guides, books and addendums.

Systems come partially assembled and are sold throughout the world as KITS, and to make the unit work, certain items such as the leadsets, electrodes and assembly are required to actually make the system function.

Note: Again, we do not offer any return or refund of special ordered systems. We also do no guarantee that you will be able to use the system or its parts to effectively re-create colloidal minerals in your home or field lab setting. For purposes of this section, the signee, applicant, user and customer all me the applicant and signer of this document.

Also, if any sort of return is allowed at our sole discretion, it shall be under our own determined ‘special circumstance’ and we can decide what gets returned, and what gets refunded, not the customer. All systems refunds accepted under our published return policies are subject to a MANDATORY 25% restocking fee. Your refund will also be less the original shipping charges, packaging, handling, insurance. The refund will also be less the original Credit Card or Money Transactions fees, 1% International Trans fee. Your customs import duty/taxes or tariffs cannot be refunded.

Electrodes CANNOT BE RESOLD, so don’t even send them back, you should keep those, because their cost WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. If you send them back in hopes of getting a refund, we reserve the right to confiscate them as a gift.

The below signee fully understands that  all electrode wires or bezel strips are in fact considered precious minerals and the following applies:

International Electrode Orders

It is sometimes against import/export policies of different countries to receive precious metals such as Gold or Silver Electrodes, in large amounts.

With respect to other Countries import rules, all of our single electrodes fall under the  1oz import/export  rule. This does not mean your country allows the import of these minerals.
Customer agrees by signing that they have verified with their own import office, the allowable amount. You may see the device or its electrodes confiscated, taxed or seized.

We are not responsible for seizures, taxes, duty, or any other liability with regards to an International Shipment.

Furthermore, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CUSTOMS OFFICES CONFISCATING, HOLDING OR DELAYING YOUR SYSTEM OR VARIOUS PARTS FROM ARRIVING. IT IS THE CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY TO INSURE THAT THIS POWER SUPPLY AND ACCESSORIES CAN LEGALLY BE IMPORTED INTO YOUR COUNTRY. To help the reduce of theft by certain nefarious customs agents, we will attempt to hide the electrodes safely INSIDE THE COVER of the power supply. You must open the unit up with a screw driver to retrieve the electrode pack before you can use the power supply. Other items stored inside the power supply might be the USA to (your country) gender plug adapter unit.

USA Electrode Orders:  There is no regulation which currently inhibits us from shipping small amounts of electrode materials within the States.

The customer agrees that once our company ships any items and a shipping notice/tracking number or shipping receipt number is provided, that the liability for the package and its contents switches from our company over to the delivery company, your local customs agents and finally to the customer.

By signing below, the customer understands that the Delivery Company, Customs or Import Office/Officers are fully responsible for any Delivery Theft, Customs Office Rifling or loss for all included items, including precious metals.

The customer promises to watch for the UPS or USPS tracking notice (given to you via email) and respond by waiting for the package(s) on the expected delivery date. It is the full responsibility of the customer to make sure an adult is at your home or business to sign for and accept the package(s).

Organix Technologies is not liable if the delivery service leaves the package on your door and it gets stolen, or if the package is miss delivered or misdirected which is out of our control. Customer agrees to pay re-shipping costs, handling if an item is returned to sender due to un-deliverability or customer provided a 'typo' on their ordering form/buy it now system.

Customer understands and accepts the fact that to keep shipping costs down, any quotes of actual shipping costs, only include basic $100 insurance as provided by USPS or UPS. Extra insurance is the customer’s responsibility and the customer understands that for Customs/Import fees, the import duty & taxes will be based upon the full insurance amount.

Other than basic insurance costs, customer understands that we do not normally insure precious metals for their full value, but includes the coverage as provided by USPS Priority and UPS Ground insurance.

Customer understands that any customs values are listed as the BASIC DEALER REPLACEMENT COST, less any shipping or handling in an attempt to help you keep your import fees at a fair and honest valuation. For purchases made outside the USA, customer understands and accepts the fact that if they want full insurance, customer is required to purchase GLOBAL EMS AIRMAIL and pay the extra full insurance. Also, If you require full Precious Metal Insurance, we can do that also. The user/signess then understands that we will list electrodes as precious metals and not as mere 'hook-up' wires. Please be advised that some Countries may actually CONSIFICATE precious metals when they are listed as such. Theft with some duty offices has also been a problem and customer holds the shipper (Organix Technologies) harmless.

The user/signee understands that they take on ALL THE LIABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY for special ordered systems and their uses, whether inside the USA or shipped outside the USA. The user agrees that there are no refunds or replacements available for special ordered items. Customer is fully responsible for all Insurance, delivery fee's, customs/Import fee's and any loss, damage or rifling (theft) once we have legally shipped the parcel and had it accepted at the UPS or USPS Counter.

Customer understands that for most System Packages, the electrodes are hidden (packed away) either inside the QPC-BEAKER, or inside the PPM Meter Box or stored away inside the actual NST Power Supply Unit (this requires you to take off the NST Lid cover and retrieve the electrodes before power supply use).

Professional Installation by a Qualified Electrician

The customer agrees that the system(s) will be properly installed by a certified electrician if the model requires such installation. Most NST devices come prewired for regular 3 prong grounded US outlets and whenever possible, a free USA to (your country) 3 prong grounded outlet adapter is included.

The customer agrees that all house/office wall outlets that will be used by any of our items, will meet or exceed USA IEC 3 prong grounding regulations. Systems must be properly grounded and on its own AC OUTLET to minimize interference and reduce any potential noise generated by the NST device onto other electronic devices, such as TV's Radios, Stereo Systems, Home Theatre Speakers, Computer and speakers. We are not responsible for any damage to home, house, office, lab, etc, or damage caused to other systems, computers, electronics, people or pets by using this device.


From the very first email with you in making a system quote, we are constantly asking our clients to read and understand the Ordering Policies for the NST units. By signing this agreement, you are also agreeing to all of the important policies regarding your purchase located at

Section 5.  Liability & Use Section

RELEASE OF MEDICAL, FINANCIAL, CIVIL or CRIMINAL LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ASSUMPTIONS OF RISKS AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT Indemnifying any of the following for your purchase and use of any items, power supplies, accessories and information providing by or through any of the following, Organix Technologies (otherwise known and referred to in this document as the 'company') it's owners, operators or employees for your participation in the use of any item as sold by Organix Technologies, LLC. also Pacific Organix, Pridelabs.US, Pride Communications, and DIGIPRO Lab Systems LLC.
All prospective researchers and colloidal producers (home or commercial uses) who wish to purchase or obtain any item or product from our company are required to read, study and understand this entire document, print the entire document out in hardcopy and fill it out and return it 'signed' to us for final review BEFORE we can accept your order and ship your system. By signing below, you are telling us that you understand that we may or may not approve your final order, whether or not you have already paid for that order. Organix Technologies reserves the right to reject or modify any order we have received, without ANY REASON if we deem it necessary at anytime during the ordering or agreement process. Customer understands that we may not be compelled to explain why any order was or was not accepted or rejected.


By signing below, customer/user agrees that

1- That the purchaser and ONLY the purchaser will use said power supply. Lending the system to another without proper training is a immediate suspension of our relationship or future support. As the purchaser you agree that you are not under 18, or will never let anyone use the power supplies who is under the age of 18 years old
2- Systems will not be operated in the vicinity (less than 10' radius) of any child or pet.
3- Items will be used as directed and intake/use will not be deviated there from.
4- Systems are sold as unassembled kits and require some assembly before proper operation can occur.
5- Systems will only be installed on a grounded 3-prong outlet on its own circuit or electrical branch to minimize potential interference on other TVs or devices. All other devices should be turned off and UNPLUGGED while using the NST Devices.
6- You have read and understood and will continue to comply with directions, addendums, guides or Colloidal Production Books.
7- You have read, understand and agree to this MEDICAL, FINANCIAL, CIVIL or CRIMINAL LIABILITY WAIVER.  

We will maintain these waivers in a PRIVATE CUSTOMER FILE and we will never refer to it again unless there is a liability or disclaimer legal issue in the future. Your information will be stored in an office safety box and your information will never be used. We will fight any and all efforts in handing over any such document or personal information contained on this document at all costs.

Section 6.  Liability & Use Section and special Notice to the Potential Colloidal Producer, Experimenter, Private or Commercial Researcher

Because of the nature of all colloidal production methods being highly temperamental, you must understand and affirm that the use of said power supplies and methods of colloidal production should be considered COMPLETELY EXPERIMENTAL. The nature of producing colloidal minerals is difficult at best, and your outcome will change slightly from day to day, depending on your local SLP effect.

By signing this agreement and returning the same, you or your heirs waive all legal rights, including your right to bring any legal action against the seller, ORGANIX TECHNOLOGIES or its officers, employees or owners, hereafter collectively referred to as the ‘releases’ for this portion of the agreement.


The signee wishes to special order and acquire products, items or LVDC and/or HV High voltage power supply units (or kits) and/or its accessories from the seller, to participate in various open (non-licensed or patented, or proprietary methods) information sharing program; for the betterment and research and experimentation of colloidal mineral production.

I am aware that Organix Labs, nor their agents have made any promise that I will be able to use the power supplies or the included information to make any particular size or potency of a particular Colloidal Product:

By agreeing to this waiver and further ore by placing a special order to purchase or acquire any LVDC or NST power supply or parts and accessories; I realize and affirm that I understand that me, or the authorized users of this system, understand fully that I (we) may or may not be able to use the LVDC or NST device or parts thereof, to effectively create, build, produce, recreate or reproduce, make or originate colloidal products of any certain potency or ppm strength (no matter the methods used) and that I fully understand that I may or may not be able to use the published methods stated in the guides, books and addendum to produce or create any certain size particle, whether micron or nano scale particle in my home lab or office or in my particular lab setting, whether home or commercial.

The fine print about sharing your Info about your experiments or using our info, graphs or charts.





As a condition of my signature and acceptance of this user agreement/waiver, I acknowledge that neither ORGANIX COMPANY', ORGANIX TECHNOLOGIES, PRIDELABS.US, PRIDE COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY AND ITS OWNERS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, RESEARCHERS, AGENTS, VOLUNTEERS, INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS AND PROGRAM ORGANIZERS has provided me any representations, guarantees or assurances to me with respect to the quality or actual end benefit of the Colloidal Products or actual production methods or information above described. 

I understand and agree that, during actual experiments in which I will participate in, various risks and dangers may arise, including but not limited to; delays, failures due to equipment issues, failures due to methods or experiments used, standard SLP effects, other chemical or atmospheric effects, Government Regulations, acts, demands, orders or other activity or omission by any government or government agency, or civil commotion, acts of God, strikes, lockouts, work stoppages, insolvency, changes in ownership/management of suppliers of goods or services, fire, flood, weather, war, rebellion, terrorism, insurrection, the hazard of traveling in unsafe or unstable areas, or under unsafe conditions, or any other cause whatsoever.

I am aware that actual experimentation and use of said power supply kit and even the information contained in its experimentation guides, sheets and manuals or other goods and services as may be provided in connection with my participation in this purchase or subsequent research and in my own experiments; could carry a risk of personal injury, shock, illness, death and/or property damage or loss.

I expressly and voluntarily assume all medical, civil and criminal liability and risk of such injury, illness, death, property damage and/or loss that may result from my participation in the experiments and use of the goods and/or services provided included all medical liability which may arise out of my use of said equipment and/or information.

As consideration for being allowed to purchase this equipment and view manuals, diagrams and information relating to actual electrical colloidal experiments and methods as published in the guides, manuals and other information sent forth from ORGANIX COMPANY', ORGANIX TECHNOLOGIES, PRIDELABS.US, PRIDE COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY AND ITS OWNERS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, RESEARCHERS, AGENTS, VOLUNTEERS, INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS AND PROGRAM ORGANIZERS, either written or verbal, I hereby release and forever discharge ORGANIX COMPANY', ORGANIX TECHNOLOGIES, PRIDELABS.US, PRIDE COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY AND ITS OWNERS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, RESEARCHERS, AGENTS, VOLUNTEERS, INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS AND PROGRAM ORGANIZERS, including, but not limited to agents, heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, from any liability for any injury, shock, illness, death, damage and/or loss arising out of any activity related to my participating and/or use of said power supply for personal experimentation.

I agree to and understand that all of the Colloidal Production Information included in my system kit and any other published information is purely experimental and that if  use said experiments or plan to produce colloidal minerals commercially, that I agree that I will provide my own independent lab safety testing of my experiments and finished products (if required by local laws and regulations) at my own expense and will follow all current DSHEA, FTC and FDA regulations and requirements.

I also agree to take upon myself any civil or medical liability which may arise out of my use of the equipment or information I receive from ORGANIX COMPANY', ORGANIX TECHNOLOGIES, PRIDELABS.US, PRIDE COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY AND ITS OWNERS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, RESEARCHERS, AGENTS, VOLUNTEERS, INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS AND PROGRAM ORGANIZERS.

I also agree to not use the ORGANIX COMPANY', ORGANIX TECHNOLOGIES, PRIDELABS.US, PRIDE COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY  name or trademarked DIGIPRO name, in any public advertisements, silver list postings or in other communications, without the EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION OF ORGANIX COMPANY', ORGANIX TECHNOLOGIES, PRIDELABS.US, PRIDE COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY.

I understand that while using these products/information/experiments that any outcomes or discoveries  become 'my own' experiments and ORGANIX has no further claim to them.

I agree to have my own samples tested of any finished product and not use Organix Companies printed or advertised specs or testing materials as posted on our corporate site without express written permission. In other words, you cannot use our lab test results, assays, TEM, posted graphics, charts as evidence that your particular batches have been tested and are the same quality.

I understand that whenever I use products, equipment or methods as described in the included manuals or guides that they are purely experimental and that I may make any VARIATION to the methods, but in doing so I give up my right to any current or future technical or product support, unless the experimental variation was already discussed and approved by contacting the staff technicians here at Organix Technologies first. 

I agree not to sue or make any legal or civil claim, including additional defendant or third party liability, against ORGANIX COMPANY', ORGANIX TECHNOLOGIES, PRIDELABS.US, PRIDE COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY AND ITS OWNERS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, RESEARCHERS, AGENTS, VOLUNTEERS, INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS AND PROGRAM ORGANIZERS for injury, shock, illness, death, damage and/or loss sustained, by me or another, as a result of my participation in using said equipment and/or use of the goods and services provided by such.

I further acknowledge that the Released Parties shall not be liable to me, or my heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, for any injury, damage, loss, expense, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity that may be caused, or contributed to, by any defect of failure of equipment, service or product owned, operated, used or provided by the supplier's) of the goods and services as described. I specifically acknowledge that the Released Parties do not make any representations, warranties or assurances as to the suitability, reliability, reputation or quality of the goods and services which are intended to be supplied as part of the experimental equipment package.

Section 7. Reproducing Our Methods at your Lab

I fully understand that I may or may not be able to reproduce the same amount, potency or quality of colloidal products that Organix Labs can or has produced. I also understand that colloidal production is completely experimental in nature and there are many variations from day to day that can affect colloidal batch outcomes.  I understand and accept that the published information included in the Organix materials or books may not be up to date or even safe to experiment with and that you will keep on top of the most current safe production methods by visiting often.

I understand that I am purchasing a ORGANIX,LLC  product with the idea that the entire unit and its use are experimental. I also fully understand that the NST power supply has been special ordered for me, on my behalf from Franceformer, the USA made heavy duty power supply and transformer company.  I understand that there is no 'preview tria’l or testing' period available to me or those I allow to use the NST device. I fully understand that once the NST is purchased and delivered me, I will not be able to return the NST device for any sort of refund, other than warranty issues. I fully understand that there is no satisfaction guaranty surrounding this NST device.

I understand that certain production methods and experiments can produce colloidal minerals, but also might produce unhealthy by-products.

I understand this fact and realize that 'released parties' have made and shared many different types of experiments in their guides and it is up to me to read and study each method for its usefulness before attempting to recreate said experiment in my home field lab.

 I understand that I have been given no guarantee or warranty of being able to produce any certain colloidal concentration, or type of metal, including, but not limited to colloidal silver, gold, copper, zinc or other minerals.

I also understand that I have not been guaranteed ANY ability to make any certain particle size of or certain micrograms of any given produced colloidal minerals.

I agree to abide by all applicable rules and regulations (including copyright and disclosure rules) set forth by ORGANIX COMPANIES and agree NOT to divulge, discuss, write about, cut, copy or paste info about the copyrighted Organix Labs Colloidal Production methods, production techniques and or licensed guide drawings, etc, to any other person, either verbally or electronically, without first obtaining permission from ORGANIX COMPANIES and or its owners and/or authors of said information.

I understand the only place I can freely discuss my experiments or methods with other researchers in any forum, will be on the CRG (Colloidal Research Group) private and moderated forum, for other DIGIPRO users and advanced HV researchers only.

I understand I am NOT allowed to discuss or post information regarding my experiments or ORGANIX COMPANIES proprietary or licensed methods to any silver, gold or Colloidal Mineral Yahoo or other Web list, without permission of ORGANIX COMPANIES. Should any of the provisions of this agreement, or portions thereof, be found to be invalid by any Court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of this document shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect. This Agreement shall be constructed under the laws of the State of Oregon, USA but generally applies to any State, Nation or Country.
I acknowledge that I have been provided myself a copy of this document and that I have had an opportunity to review it with advisors of my choosing. I have carefully read this Agreement and fully understand its contents. I have read and understood this Agreement prior to signing it, and I am aware that by signing this Agreement, I am waiving certain legal rights which I, or my heirs, executors, administrations or assigns may have against the Released Parties. I sign it of my own free will. 

SIGNED this ___________________ day of ____________________________,20_____

Signature of NST PURCHASER or Customer

Printed Name

YOUR PHONE                                                                                     EMAIL

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