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Our Latest Customer Reviews
The following testimonials are from actual customers who use our products. Per US Consumer Affairs Regulations, all original reviews and actual testimonials posted on this page are archived with full contact information and this information is on file at Pac-Org-Labs US headquarters. While our products have all undergone years of independent outside laboratory testing for both safety and product efficiency, the FDA has not yet tested any of our products. Because of this current lack of testing, the user should be aware that the statements made on this entire website have not been evaluated by the FDA. The statements (or products sold here) are not meant to cure or treat any disease or ailment.
 Colloidal Products do not cure any disease ailments nor has there ever been any medical proof showing they do. Please be aware of this fact as you read through this site and be wary of some inaccurate INTERNET Colloidal sites. Many fake internet marketing will say all sorts of lies and 'yell and sell' all sorts of misinformation about therapies using Colloidal Silver, Copper, Zinc and Gold. Don't worry, you have finally found a place of accurate information backed by real Medical and Scientific research.
Dear Organix Labs,
My wife and I are big gardeners and plant freaks... well last fall when we got ready to bring our house plants in, some of them had these black spots on the leaves and making the leaves fall off. I misted them with some LVDC CS about 7ppm and again in a few days. After the second treatment this disease was eradicated! Then I noticed that the treated plants had actually an astonishing amount of new growth that week! So now we save every batch that isn't just right and take home to the garden. This week I used a few gallons of this stuff to treat the soil before planting tomato plants which we had a blight in this spot the last two years so we'll see how this works cause it said that the blight is caused by a bacteria in the soil. I'm also going to treat all the garden plants with this stuff this year for the extra growth.
Mike J, Mo.

Hi Pacific Organix,

Jacob and I have absolutely loved the special brew that you made for us. We were right on spot with him being over-extended and depleted. It has helped us both to recover from sinus infections without the need for antibiotics. This is the first time ever - since childhood that I have gotten over one without antibiotics! I'm in the process of withdrawing myself from a 3 year dependency on hydrocodone and have been pretty down and out. I'm certain that the "brew" is helping with this process as well.
I wish that I had before and after picture of my complexion before using the serum. I have spent a fortune on products to assist me with adult onset acne (hormone imbalance). I had totally given up and was using Retin-A, it was helping to a degree, but my entire face was peeling off! My face was more clear than it has been in 7 years within the first week! I plan to tell all of my fellow acne sufferers about it and the NanoRenew. I've been so out of it that I didn't realize how much time had passed. Thank you for providing such wonderful products. Hope all is well with with you and yours.
Sincerely, Sheri

Colloidal Production Guide

Just a quick note to tell you I received the complimentary copy of your book entitled 'Colloidal Production Guide' and have enjoyed reading about your take on making nano gold sols for nutritional health therapy uses. We currently produce gold sols for the medical industry and we are primarily using chemical binders to produce those sols as well as other beneficial sols at this time. You will be happy to note that a colleague of mine mentioned your book to me and that you had discovered a simpler method to produce nano gold particulates without using chemical binders. I had been experimenting with electrolysis of ionic and nano particulate colloidal for years in our lab, but without much success. Your guide showed me how simply this can be done. It was obvious that the scientific community is prone to 'over-think' many things. Thank you for your simple and east explanation about how the lay scientist is producing gold sols using off the shelf equipment. Congratulations on a informative and well thought out compilation of home colloidal experiments.
 Dr. R. Houck

An Osaka, Japan lab wishes to thank Organix Labs for the DIGIPRO NST-120 System
Dear OL, we received the two NST 15 KV units from you on September 1st. Our medical research staff have been experimenting with all 7 methods you wrote about in your included book and addendum you thoughtfully included.
 Our particulate silver, gold and palladium projects have been made easy because of your information. This has been great for my young staff to accomplish. Your forwardness in your book helps us make better grade of minerals for our purposes. Your book was pretty easily translate into Japanese. Thank you for helping our Nano Mineral department get such a huge jump into mineral research field. It will save us time and energy of rudimentary study in experiments you have already tried. Again, your process and help for the customer and researcher is great and we thank you for your professionalism. We also agree your help and advice before we purchased NST-HVAC type nano equipment was endless and we thank you. 
Dr. Mitai Kawano,OPS Osaka Medical Labs
Kawachi Nagano, Japan

Dear Organix Labs,

Thank you so much for your 1/2 gallon special of your Hydrophasic silver products, I began to use it for my FMS (fibromyalgia syndrome).
 Within a week of taking your product as directed, I began to feel better, no more aches and pains in my joints, muscles and bones. It's unbelievable to say the least. I had heard NanoSilver would help, but I never would have believed it.
Thank you very much for your help and for your discounted outreach pricing. May god bless you Pride labs.
Tamika Howard, Cincy, Ohio.

Re, the PS1000 system in our little lab here...
Thank you for helping us set up our Colloidal Production Equipment.
It was great to receive our PS1000 Commercial unit arrive in South Africa without a scratch. It is working beautifully, God Bless you guys!
James Ulrich, MD, So. African Health Ministries

PS100D Dual Mode Generator
Hello Pride, I just wanted to drop you a line.
I received the PS100D on Friday when I got home from work and made 2 batches of LVDC silver and a batch of HVAC gold over the weekend. This was just about the most fun I can imaging having on a rainy weekend when I can't fly my hang glider.
All of the equipment performed beyond my greatest expectations and your service was wonderful. What a thrill to be able to manufacture colloidal metals at such an affordable cost. I want to thank you and Pride Labs for making me a raving fan. This kind of satisfaction is all too rare in the world today.
Erik Stanley, Virginia
Just wanted to thank you so kindly for the new PS-05 I received today. It's working just fine and it produces a crystal clear colloidal silver at 12ppm in less than an hour. No more sludgy "muddy waters" that I used to have before..
Not to mention all the batteries I will no longer have to pay for..
How much more can I say ? It was a real pleasure to deal with you. I
appreciated your kindness and professionalism in that transaction.
All the best to you all there, Kindest regards,

Dear Organix Labs,

Thanks again!

Wow, thanks Organix Labs!

Just a short note to tell you that using your Colloidal Silver on my eczema has worked wonders and my cracks ion my hands are finally healing. I have along way to go, but thank you Mark for helping get this product and learn how to use it safely!
P Kope, Salt Lake City, Utah

Hello Organix Labs,

Just wanted you to know that I received our bottle last week and tried it right away, we loved the purity and we tested it right here in our own lab. We noticed that the PPM was a little higher than advertised and the colloidal had a non-metallic taste was a nice change over the GNC Products we've tested and used.
We have tried dozens of CS Products and while yours isn't as strong as our other claimed 500ppm, we have tried, we know from our own tests, that your product is exactly as you advertise and state, nothing fancy or odd going on here. We appreciate your honesty in your marketing and your straight forward answers to our previous questions.
James Patterson, Clinical Researcher, Ohio
Dear Organix Labs,
We just got back our lab tested samples and while they were a little different than what your colloidal charts in the book stated, we are very pleased with the potency and very nice efficiency ratings we received back. You might like to know, that our results showed that the nano silver your nst system produces at about 12 ppm, were very effective in killing off several strains of strep and staph virus. When we resent samples at the 15 and 20 mark, we were very pleased to learn they were 100% effective. Thanks for finally providing straight answers to our many production questions.

Scott Robinson, Waters For Health, Inc

1st Round of Blood Work reports from real HIV Patient/Researchers:
Report: I wanted to let you know that since you gave me the machine and I started making my own silver that we always have it and take it religiously, our blood counts have been phenomenal! Rick's T-Cells have gone up to 749 from a low of 138. My T-Cells are up to 504, up from a low in the 200's. Both our Viral loads are undetectable. Rick's from a high of 170,000 and mine from a high of about 60,000.
 Thank you soooo much! I've been making batches at about 15-18ppm and we each drink 3/4 of a shot glass about in the morning about 1/2 hour before eating breakfast. Again, thank you! Gary & Rick Field Researchers PS F.Y.I  I discovered that the Rite Aid brand of distilled water that sells for 99 cents a gallon, also tests out at 0ppm, so I've switched to it instead of the higher priced Arrowhead. HUGS AND RAINBOWS ALWAYS ! Gary

Dear Pride Labs, I just got the PS10 the other day and this makes my SECOND Colloidal Generator, the first is a Silver** SG6 Auto, the first thing I noticed using the PS10, is that I'm not limited by the amount or how many batches I want to make at one time, this is really a great idea. I used to only make 1 quart at a time and then only in the PPM Silver*** Auto would select, never above 20. I found out that the PS10 can make any PPM and double the amount, in half the time, compared to my Silver***. I'm still keeping my Silver*** SG6 Auto, but wanted you to know that your unit really works at about half the price. I read that to be a considered a lab product, you needed the power Supply to be UL listed, I was surprised to see my Silver*** SG6 didn't carry any UL certification or even a grounded plug, pretty scary when working in my lab around water. I'm going to write Silver*** and ask them to update their Generator Line.
Jack Z. Retired Electronics Engineer
Sedona, Az. 

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