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An Open Letter to our all Colloidal Users and Producers
April 5, 2010
There are some very big changes coming to the colloidal industry, how we (you and us) will be able to manufacturer. market and actually use colloidal supplements in the near future.

Thankfully, things are very status quo at the moment, but we want you to know that Organix Technologies will always be right on top of any new changes or new regulations soon to be implemented on the industry.

If you are not seeing similar language on other Colloidal Companies websites, then they are not being transparent, open or honest with their customers and clients. So we believe it is a good thing you have visited our site today.

There are new tougher Colloidal Supplement regulations and standards being worked on simultaneously by the FTC, FDA and EPA. They are working in a coordinated effort to make Colloidal Supplements and their derivatives safer for everyone to use.
With the upcoming new regulations, it is hoped by many in the Colloidal Industry, that non FDA Registered Colloidal Producers and 'fly by night' MLM (multi level marketing) colloidal producers will finally stop tainting the US and World markets with unsafe colloidal products.

Unfortunately for the current colloidal supplement user, there are over 52 'known' colloidal companies in the USA and only a handful of companies meet or exceed current minimum standards for a FDA Registered Facility. This leaves the colloidal user open to misleading, inaccurate information and poor or inferior products that pose a substantial health risk to the user. Organix Technologies uses a 100% FDA Registered Facility for all of our manufacturing processes.

The International CODEX requirements went into partial effect on December 31, 2009.
More US & Canada regulations are also headed our way in 2011. In the USA, the FDA and EPA are right now conducting joint product tests and intensive surveys on current US made colloidal products (ours have been voluntarily included). The purpose of the tests and intensive surveys are to attempt to measure the levels of colloidal minerals we will be able to produce or consume.

Organix Technologies, along with a handful of other chosen Colloidal Manufacturing Companies have been asked to participate in the first round of Colloidal Mineral level use studies. From the initial and follow-up survey's we are responding to, it is becoming more clear that the future of colloidal mineral levels, strength, particle size and overall efficiency is being closely researched by governing bodies.

While some see this as a negative 'governmental intrusion' we see this as an opportunity to meet and exceed any restrictions that may be coming soon. Many colloidal mineral liquids (and/or products containing microscopic (ionic) and Nanoscopic (nano particulate) supplements will be soon regulated here in the US and abroad.

Organix Technologies is already working on changing how were produce and market our colloidal products so that we will be able to meet and actually exceed any upcoming restrictions and/or guidelines.

Your Satisfaction, Safety and Well Being are #1 with Organix Technologies
(it always has been that way and will forever continue to be that way)

Unlike large Corporate-owned Nutritional and MLM Cosmetic Companies, we are a the only manufacturer, producer and distributor of Organix Technologies energetic Colloidal Nutritional Supplements. Our USDA Organic based Nano Colloidal Cosmetics, lotions and creams are the new hit of the face cream party circuits!

Organix Labs (formerly Pride Labs US) is now a 100% family owned and operated company and has been in the Nutritional Supplement business since 1990. Our family has been producing salves, ointments and skin care products sine 1905 under the name of Cushing's Ointments, which products we still hold the US Patents for. We have completely purchased the past Pridelabs product line, equipment and facilities. We are still able to repair, replace or upgrade most of the past systems, all at our low discounted 'previous owner' repair rates.

From our Great Grandfather Cushing, who produced early Medical Ointments and Salves for the early Pioneer Settlers of the Great Salt Lake Valley, to our latest addition of our nanotechnology produced line of energetic Colloidal Liquids, Lotions and Creams, we are different!

 We understand that you might have found our site by accident or that you may have been recommended by a friend, either way, we don't believe in accidents.

Whatever the reason was for you to stop by today, we are very grateful for your business and my family looks forward to serving you.

Organix Technologies, Inc

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