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By Author Joan Grant

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Here is a collection of our favorite New Age links!
Zero Point Energy Wand
New Product Technology: Zero Point Energy Wand

A powerful tool for supporting your health and well-being. Utilizing a specific combination of 35 different natural minerals as well as crystals, our ZPE Wand provides zero point and scalar energy, magnetic energy, as well as far infrared ray (FIR). This specific combination and fusion of mineral elements produces a catalytic conversion of energy, sourcing the Universal Life Force (Zero Point Energy).
New Product: New Age V.A.S.T. Instrumental CD Technology
"Awesome energy and spirit"
 VAST™ stands for Vibrational Audio Sound Therapy. This latest edition is an ambient instrumental mix of long play mediation and chill tracks. VAST™ is a multi-layered mix of really meditative instruments.
New Age: Energy Healing
Naljor Dharma Cards

Naljor Creations
Everyone from curious beginners to advanced practitioners will enjoy and benefit from our Heart of Dharma Collection. We offer our Thangka and Dharma Altar Cards to individuals, bookstores, and dharma centers.
In addition, through our
Naljor Prison Dharma Service, a nonprofit organization, we provide precious dharma teachings and an excellent Resource Directory for Prisoners free of charge to prison outreach organizations who then supply these materials to men and women in prison throughout the United States.

Ana Holub

Ana Holub is a forgiveness counselor offering Radical Forgiveness, emotional release, breath techniques and more to support your journey. She specializes in teaching specific, practical and elegantly simple tools for healing memories and deepening your direct experience of peace.
Sara Gordon Kendall, L. Ac., DAOM - Certified facilitator of Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Awakening. Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, offering an integrative approach to health and psycho-spiritual development.
Other Great
Spiritual Sources

- Links / Resources -

Esoteric Teachings

Agni Yoga Society

Lucis Trust / Arcane School

Zero Point - Institute for Mystical and Spiritual Science

Practitioners / Self Development

Charles Ridley - Advanced Biodynamic Craniosacral

Shantam Lanz  -Aquatic Bodywork Therapist and Instructor

Somatics - Read articles concerning the general field of Somatics, which offers an integrated approach to learning and change. This approach often includes some form of a martial art, hypnosis, meditation and trance, prayer, intuitive arts, various flavors of psychology, and various forms of bodywork.

Transformational Books

Between the Visions - Through many years of meditation and prayer, Raylene Abbott has her own direct experiences with the Divine. Her book is a Divine love story that sheds light upon the need for female healing and sacred relationships.

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