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Colloidal Minerals 101

Updated June '14

What is the difference between regular Ionic Colloidal Minerals and the newer Nano Colloidal Minerals?

All Colloidal Minerals have particles that are both Ionic and particulate in nature. The method of colloidal production greatly influences the ionic or particulate percentage/ratio outcome of a given colloidal product. Basically, if a colloidal producer uses a LVDC (low voltage direct current) electrolysis, non-chemical method, the end result will always produce a charged ionic particle that can be measured in the larger micron scale. Colloidal producers who us HVAC (high voltage alternating current) electrolysis, non chemical method, the end result will always produced a much smaller (as much as 1000 times smaller) colloidal particle. Of course many variables interfere with each and every colloidal batch, so a lab must constantly be measuring every single batch for potency, turbidity and approximate estimation of particle size by various lab testing means.

Because so many of our customers have positive experiences with both types of colloidal minerals,
on request, our lab can produce both types of ionic and nano particulate supplements for our clients.

We have noticed that many small colloidal startup producers and new companies already have their science facts posted incorrectly.
Older style Ionic or LVDC produced Colloidal products are usually measured in the larger micron sized particle range, while the new nano particulate colloidal products are measured in the Nanoscopic range. There are even smaller pico measurement ranges and some colloidal producers are attempting to actually state they are producing pico ranged liquids (which is currently not verifiable) and in any case, there are colloidal producers throwing out more tiny particle sizes down in the angstrom ranges to better 'sound' like they know what they are doing.

Let's just be perfectly clear here, there is not ONE single colloidal manufacturer (our company included) who has ever gone through the full FDA Approved testing steps to definitively or accurately state they have the best, or safest, or can say that they produce the smallest colloidal particle product on the market.

The seed money just to start the FDA approval and testing process in 2007 was over ten million dollars. Today it has probably doubled that amount.

All colloidal companies make their products 'outside' of current FDA regulations by calling the products 'nutritional supplements'.


In the case of our products, our family used independent labs to prefect our colloidal production methods, our advertised potency and particle size.

Just how small are Colloidal Mineral Particles compared to other tiny objects and why is it important

to produce the smallest colloidal particle possible?

Below is a chart to give the colloidal researcher an idea of just how small both ionic and nano particulate colloidal particles are created. Smaller colloidal particles (in both the micron and nano ranges) have been both lab tested and medically proven to attack virus and pathogens in similar fashions, effectively smothering or disabling the virus or pathogen in petri lab tests. Basically, a broader statement that seems ground in medical fact is that the smaller the colloidal particle, the more bio-effective it is for working at the cellular level.

What happens to each colloidal particle when it comes into contact with human stomach acids and even the bloodstream as a whole is still subject to both scientific and medical criticism. It is becoming clear however, that the smaller the colloidal particle is, while not being oversaturated or conglomerated, the more bio-effective it seems to be.

'Fly' into the work of cells & viruses here:

1 (u) micron = 1000 (nm) nanometer



Much Smaller
Nano Range

Eye of a Needle

1,230 microns

1230000 nm

Human Hair

40 to 300 microns

40000 nm - 300000 nm

Oil Smoke

 1 micron

1000 nm

Regular Ionic Colloidal Liquids

0.5 - 1.5 microns

500 nm -1500 nm

Nano Colloidal Liquids

.001 - .030

1 nm -30 nm


10 to 1000 microns

10000 nm -1000000 nm

Tobacco Smoke

0.01 to 1 microns

10 nm - 1000 nm

Coal Dust

1 to 100 microns

1000 nm - 100000 nm

Beach Sand

100 to 2000 microns

100000 nm - 2000000  nm

Mold Spores

10 to 30 microns

10000 nm - 30000 nm


10 to 1000 microns

10000 nm - 1000000 nm

Typical Atmospheric Dust

0.001 to 30 microns

1 nm -30000 nm

Typical FLU Virus

3000 microns

 30 nm

 The average particle size in Organix Technologies Nano Colloidal Minerals are on average between 1 to about 20 nanometers in size. Please do not believe any Colloidal Company which states that they produce exactly 0.65 nm size of this or that colloidal mineral. All colloidal batches (even produced inside a vacuum chamber) vary from batch to batch, sometimes as much as 50%. If a Colloidal Producer is stating this inaccuracy, they are not educated or experienced in the proper methods of Colloidal Production.

What color should Colloidal Minerals be?

Color or refraction is directly related to particle size and the type of mineral being produced. Very tiny particles cannot reflect light in any substantial way that the human eye will perceive. When small particles or a low numbered amount of colloidal particles are held in a batch, they will not reflect any perceivable light, and will result in a clear colloidal product. As the actual volume of particles increase inside the batch, producers will begin too perceive an opaque or very light yellow spectrum. As particle volume increases further, the batch will color up even more, possibly turning dark yellow, brown or even gray.

The best LVDC Ionic Colloidal Silver will be clear, as it will have the smallest possible particle size, as long as you can push the potency to around 10 PPM.

A HV Nano Particulate based Colloidal Silver is also clear, indicating the particles of silver are extremely small, in fact in the nanoscopic range a 1000 times smaller than the Ionic made product above. The potency doesn't have to be as high to gain a significant bio effienct boost. But we still strive to push a Nano Silver product to around 10 PPM u/S. This is what makes our Organix brand of Colloidal Mineral Products so safe and bio-effective.

What color should Nano Colloidal Gold be?

Nano Colloidal Gold production is really tricky, there is no perfect production method which consistently makes a perfect batch of gold every run, we simply teach many fellow advanced colloidal producers how we have had both successes and failures using our high voltage NST series devices. Properly produced NanoGold requires the use of very high-voltage electricity to achieve the proper electrolysis method required to accurately make a safe and effective NanoGold solution.  LVDC power supplies and methods cannot produce this elusive NanoGold. Actual Colloidal Gold in the smallest nano particulate form is usually pink in color. Higher PPM NanoGold does turn light red and on some days, depending on the labs SLP effect, might turn a lavender color. Very dark red colloidal gold with high ppm readings should be avoided as the particle size is very high. We call this 'chunky gold' and it literally can be measured as a toxic heavy mineral, and thus falls under current EPA Toxicity regulations. Organix Technologies make a safer, sweeter tasting NanoGold in the pink color range 100 % of the time.

What is the proper way to store Colloidal Solutions?

Colloidal Solutions need to be stored at room temperature and do not require any refrigeration.
Properly produced Colloidal Minerals usually are not affected by wide temperature extremes.  It is also advisable to keep Colloidal Solutions away from electromagnetic fields, such as refrigerators and computers. These can weaken the tiny electric charge that is on each particle.

Can the body build a tolerance to the action of Colloidal Minerals?

No, when they are produced in the nano Particulate way we make them. Our Colloidal Minerals are non addictive and the body does not develop a tolerance or build up.

Are there any drug interactions or side effects with your Colloidal Solutions?

There are no drug interactions with our Colloidal Solutions. They are non-toxic, completely safe, and there is no risk of overdose.

Are Colloidal Solutions safe for children?

Children 6 and up can safely take half the recommended amounts.

Can Colloidal Silver be used topically?

People are using colloidal minerals added to salves, creams and gels all of the time. Check out our NanoRenew, NanoGel and Nano Cream products.

I've heard some people say Colloidal Silver can turn your skin blue or grey. Is this true?

Here's a great article:

Colloidal Silver that is properly made will not cause a condition in which the skin takes on a grey or bluish color. This is a rare condition called Argyria and can result from consuming large amounts of improperly made silver preparations containing too large of particles, silver compounds such as silver chloride, silver nitrate, and silver citrate, or other additives or stabilizers. Colloidal Silver that has been made by an electro/non-chemical process, as ours is, has never caused Argyria. Our Colloidal Minerals are Nanoscopic in design, indicating an extremely small particle size. As a result, the particles are easily eliminated from the body on a continuous basis, and there is no possibility of silver accumulating in the skin.

Does Colloidal Silver kill the beneficial bacteria in my body?

Colloidal silver, in normal amounts, is absorbed well before it reaches the intestines, which is where the good bacteria live (approx. 35% in the small intestine and 65% in the large intestine). This quick absorption is because the silver particles are mostly smaller than a human blood cell. Since the particles of silver have an opposite charge than the body, they are naturally attracted to our cells, and are quickly absorbed through tissues into the bloodstream. It is recommended that Colloidal Silver be held under the tongue or swished about in the mount for 15-30 seconds before swallowing. This helps absorption rate because colloidal minerals are easily absorbed sublingually. The silver is in a colloidal state, just like our bodies, and is readily absorbed. Pharmaceutical antibiotics are in a crystalline state, and take time to digest. This is why they affect the good bacteria in the intestines and Colloidal Silver does not. However, if large amounts of Colloidal Silver are taken, it is possible that a portion could reach the intestines and kill some of the beneficial bacteria, which could cause mild diarrhea. Taking acidophilus or live culture yogurt will help to restore intestinal flora.

What makes Organix Colloidal Products better than others?

First off, about 75% of all Colloidal Producers have either used our production methods as published in our Alternative Health Colloidal Producers Guides or are actually using one of our Commercial Colloidal Generation systems to make their product with.
We were one of the first Colloidal Companies on the US map. We have over twenty years of verifiable colloidal production using our new methods.

Our Colloidal Products are absolutely, without any question guaranteed to be the finest quality available. Each batch is freshly produced weekly by our technicians. We do not warehouse our customer or dealer orders past 30 days. This means you are guaranteed the freshest possible product known to Colloidal Industry today. Our Colloidal Minerals only use .9999 (or better) pure minerals and hyper-oxygenated and magnetically structured steam distilled ultra water (that's our HydroPhasic method). We quality check and micron filter every single bottle in a custom process unknown to the Colloidal Industry.

What's the difference between LVDC and HVAC Colloidal Silver?

LVDC stands for "low voltage direct current" and HVAC stands for "high voltage alternating current." There are claims that one is better than the other. LVDC produced silver particles and ions have a natural negative  charge, while the HVAC  process contains a very high EMF charged particle. The HVAC Method also produces 1000 times smaller nano particles that is thought of as being much more bio-efficient and effective at a cellular level.

Got more Questions, shoot off an email to us by clicking the 'contact' button on the top of this page.

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