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This page contains some older outdated FAQS and Correspondence Emails and Letters and answers to questions about our Products and our Research Experiences in CS Production. It is posted just for your research and not for your current use.

(Every topic listed on this page, is based upon years of research and development, while it is based on our research and actual lab findings, conditions and SLP's at your lab may differ)

Are your products FDA, NSF, EPA or UL Listing Approved?

Organixtech is merely a distributor for several Finished Colloidal Products Companies. We do not manufacture the actual finished colloidal liquids here in our Portland, Oregon office. The finished colloidal products are produced by a small family owned business in Salt Lake City, Utah, called the Holistic Health Center, under the marketing name of Nature's Spirit Colloidal Minerals.

As to your question, the answer is Yes & No, there are no Colloidal Silver or Gold products approved by the FDA to this date, most companies don't have the 10 million plus seed money to start the FDA testing procedures. The FDA does issue guidelines and rules for the proper production and labeling of colloidal products as well as all Nutritional Products by their branch known as the DSHEA.

Our product suppliers abide strictly to the current FTC & FDA regulations, marketing restrictions, etc. All of our products and those of their suppliers facilities have received FDA'S FFRM approval and acceptance.

Most all of our products and those that we buy at wholesale from other companies, such as Nature's Sprit, have been tested through an Independent Lab for purity and stated facts, including ppm, uA., percentage of Silver & Gold Ionic/Particulate matter.

Nature's Spirit goes a safety step farther by using EPA approved and NSF certified distilled water. Because of this, we are PROUD to carry Nature's Spirit finished Colloidal Products..

How are Ionic Colloidal Minerals Produced?

Simply put, placing pure metal (silver, gold, copper, etc) rods into pure distilled waters attaching between 27 and 35 vdc of voltage and at least 5ma of current, causes the metals to sinter and produce colloid's off the silver electrodes, while hydrogen and oxygen bubbles form off the negative lead. This process sometimes turns the water silvery, yellowish or pinkish, the longer the batch is progressed under voltage, the larger the particle your batch will produce. Longer and larger and colored potions are NOT always better. The 'batch' is then monitored continuously for particles, ppm and temperature.

Most of our latest products (after 2008) are actually the new more efficient nano particulate styled HVAC Colloidal Minerals.
These are made by using ultra high Voltage AC 10,000 plus to cause the same effect.

When properly made at LVDC or HVAC, the batches should stay a crystal clear color @ or about 10ppm.

What's the Particle Size and other Aspects as tested, of your Colloidal Products?

In an outside lab testing, we have sent out 4 samples of our dealers products in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010, the samples of Ionic Colloidal Silver came in at .004 and .005 size in microns respectively while the HVAC made products came in around 3-25 nm in average size. These particles are small enough to be easily absorbed and not wasted in the digestive process.
The Ionic silver batch tested at 12 ppm and .025 ma and tested about .0025 vdc residual charge lasting for about 3 months.
We got better then expected results, even better then Nature's Spirit own independent lab tests. The method used is MHVDC using our  PS Series Digital Power Generation Systems.

What's the Shelf Life of Nature's Spirit Colloidal Silver Batches?

Here's how and what we tested:
Question: How long do these colloids remain in the small particle size originally created for distribution?
Answer: We have tested our carried products at the 12 month, 18 month and 24 month intervals and we noticed that the uA. (electrical current) drops and the PPM drops regularly by about 5-10% annually. There was no conglomeration noticed, thus no particle size change. Colloidal Silver and Gold, properly made, actually act's as a battery and it's voltage and current SHOULD be able to be
measured for quite some time after the batch has been made.
For instance, our test batch came in at 10ppm and about 20 uA. and at the 12 month mark, we only saw a 1% drop. At 18 month mark, the batch was tested and the ppm had dropped to around 9.8 ppm and we noticed the .Ua went down to 16 uA. At 24 months, this same batch tested at 9.2 PPM and down to .009 uA. - which was almost lower than our DVM Lab equipment could register. We concluded that the batch was still safe and effective for human consumption at the 24 month mark. We tested a date stamped sample's from two other manufacturers at the 12 month mark and noticed about the same drop as our product test revealed.

How can you be sure of your Products safety?
We have been told that the Nature's Spirit Labs in Salt Lake City, Utah have received the FDA's FFRM approval acceptance. All of Nature's Spirit products are made fresh to dealer or large volume order. If you buy a single bottle, yours may have sat on the shelf up to 1 month, as they rotate their stock every month and if not sold, Organixtech gets it for free to distribute to our HIV Public Outreach program.

We don't put our name behind an inferior and un-effective product. We don't allow our dealer's to do it either!

How Should Colloidal Minerals Be Properly Stored?
Silver should always be stored, marketed and sold in Amber or Blue Glass or even the newer HDPE Grade approved Plastic white or amber bottles. Ionic Silver, because it is so susceptible to sunlight and photosynthesis, should always be stored and sold in UV Protected bottles, like thick white or Amber or Dark, UV protected packaging.

The new HDPE Non-Chemically treated plastic that Industrial Container in Salt Lake City, has been testing has been found safe for medium term storage of CS, including cheaper and easier shipping of Gallon sized orders. Our outside lab test at the 6 month storage mark, showed no leaching of plastic chemicals and no degradation in suspension of the batch, other than the normal shelf life conditions.

What is the Colloidal Dosage Requirements?
From Nature's Spirit Labels:
For Adults, 2 -4 tablespoons a day
For Children, 2 - 4 teaspoons a day
If Afflicted, and sick, up to 1/4 cup a day for 3-5 days.
Take with spring water, or juice, or straight.

REMEMBER to take our PRO-BIOTIC tablets or eat a daily cup of your favorite yogurt to ensure
HEALTHY BACTERIA and FLORA re-growth after taking any week long course of Colloidal Silver or any antibiotics for that matter.

What Else is it Safe for?
Easy answer, it is said by actual users that Colloidal Silver can be used as a surface disinfectant, chicken and raw meat can be soaked into it prior to cooking, it also can be added to Well Water and Emergency Storage Water to assist in purification of the stored water. We began making and selling NSF Certified Water Treatments made with CS in 1996 through many Military Surplus and 72 Hour Emergency Essential Stores.

What are the known Side Effects?
Our clients state that there are no known drug interactions, but when starting a ANY CS program, about 25% of our clients surveyed, state that it 'cleaned them out' over about a 4 day period. Some researchers say that CS detoxifies and cleans out the body when a program is started. You will feel the cleansing process and notice a difference in your bowl-movements for the first few days.

Why are the FDA and Large Drug Companies anti-CS?
The FDA has not officially tested Colloidal Minerals, they do not know the effects and cures of Colloidal Minerals, they are waiting for a large CS Producer to bring a study forth (and pay about 10 million) for an authorized fact finding mission. 
So far, no company has the funds to ask the FDA to investigate.

The FDA is under pressure from Large Drug Companies. These companies cannot Patent Colloidal Silver, Gold, Zinc or even vitamin C for that matter, as it is a pre-1938 drug, and has been around for hundreds of years. They can't monopolize Colloidal Silver, or they would have by now. Colloidal Silver acts as a natural Anti-Biotic, without build-up, like manmade antibiotics do. It is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY when I read articles and news media call Colloidal Silver ineffective and useless, it is very useful and THOUSANDS of studies, tests and REAL testimonials can prove this to anyone that is willing to research Real, correctly made colloidal mineral products.

The FDA did state they had not tested any CS Products and ruled that CS can be legally produced, sold and marketed, but ONLY as a Nutritional Supplement only. (1999 Ruling) The FDA did say, because they have not done a research or fact-finding project on CS, that they cannot verify if it is safe or effective and they further stated they cannot prove without a full study, that it is unsafe either!

In the first part of 2001, a CS Researcher used the Freedom of Information Act act to officially ask the FDA to produce ANY official reports, records, etc, of any Colloidal Silver Drug Interaction, or side effect caused from current CS Products. The Federal Agency that searches out an agencies records wrote back and stated that the search did not produce any records on the matter. The researcher did the same thing with the EPA and other organizations and they too, replied that there was no evidence, reports or records found.

What about Colloidal Gold?
Organixtech has tested making Gold and Silver Products, using our Commercially available (over the counter) DIGIPRO Power Supply Systems. We research and worked with with both LVDC and HVAC methods. Our current POLARIZED GOLD we market is a Silver/Gold Combination, we use pure silver as a STARTER which gives the Colloidal Gold a immune system boost, beside some antibacterial properties. This produces a cleaner, pink colored Colloidal Gold. Some clients have purchased Colloidal Gold Liquid from other Manufacturers, which is reddish in tint. Some people think that the Colloidal Gold needs to reach this dark reddish tint, to be effective. In our studies with actual clients, we have found that as low as 1ppm of our POLARIZED pink Colloidal Gold is as effective for the uses the clients are using it for.

Our NST and even some of our older lvdc units (usuing ARC methods) have been used to experiment in producing PURE, pink colored, low ppm Colloidal Gold Liquid. The PS-30, PS50 and/or the PS100 were not specifically designed to produce Gold, it just so happens they do so to some extent with advanced experimentation and lab use. However, any results of success or failure are yours alone.

Why do so many Colloidal Mineral and Silver Manufacturers still use Sea Salt, Saline or other Salts in their processes, when I have read it makes the Product potentially Dangerous to Consume?
It's simple, they make the old fashioned CS, not the new improved, safer version like the latest research shows.
Here are a few other reasons:

1- The Manufacturers Generation Systems are too underpowered and they use salt or saline to 'seed' the batches to speed up the process and to make higher ppm batches. 
2- It costs less to use Salts and Saline to rapidly produce inferior CS. The batches get done in about 5 to 30 minutes, instead of letting a PURE batch process itself over 30 to 90 minutes. The end product is very TOXIC to ingest.
3- Marketing Hype...."Ours is 500 or 1100 PPM, not 10ppm, like yours" ....if there's more PPM in a batch, that must mean there's more mcg's of Silver, right?


As salt and saline's (any chemicals for that matter) are added, it increases the conductivity of the batch, and the silver is SINTERED off too rapidly, making the rods burn black, usually making the product gray or light gray in color. The particle size is ENORMOUS and you'll end up WASTING 90% of your batch you are drinking!  Adding salts or saline also produces Silver Chloride and produces a terrible, metallic taste..

***If a Company is claiming that they produce Colloidal Silver at over 100 ppm, 500ppm or 1100 ppm, go research their site, or write them for their actual ingredients and you will find saline seeding or salt preservatives added each and every time.

Here's Peter Lindemann's Research on using Salt:
Please Pass The Salt

Regardless of what anyone has said to the contrary, silver chloride will ALWAYS form if
any amount of salt is present. Never add anything to the water that will make the water
conduct electricity better. Never add salt, sea salt, or Celtic sea salt to the distilled water
because the salt puts chloride ions in the water that react with the silver to form silver
Another serious problem arises when making colloidal silver with salt in the
water. The presence of salt increases the electrical conductivity of the water and this
dramatically speeds up the reaction. As the reaction speeds up under these
circumstances, it produces larger particles. The product produced is invariably
cloudy white in appearance. Actual electron microscope photographs of this material show
silver particles in the range of .10 to .15 microns. These particles are are getting to the size where they are too large to form
a long-term colloidal suspension, and the proof is that the material will settle to the bottom of the
container in a very short period of time. Therefore, this type of home brewed "colloidal silver"
product made with saline's or salts, may be dangerous to consume internally for TWO reasons: the presence of silver
chloride and the production of large particles.
The following is for informational purposes and research, it's placed here for your own RESEARCH knowledge.

An excerpt
By Colloidal Research Labs
February 2001

The only process we advise using is the Electro-colloidal process. This process is separated primarily into two groups.
(1.) high voltage (2.) low voltage

(1.) The high voltage process is accomplished several ways, for example extremely high voltage with low amperage, such as specialized Tesla coils, often in conjunction with ion generators. There are also microprocessor controlled units both in AC and DC models. These types of devices are usually quite expensive and are by design used to employ the Electro-arc process using de-ionized or distilled water to create larger batches of colloidal silver for resale. It should be noted that the voltages used are dangerous, and if mishandled could likely cause death. We do not have high voltage materials generators or supplies.

(2.) We will focus on the low-voltage process. The low voltage process is so simple that even a child can do it, and even an adult can make mistakes trying to. Small batches of usually 16 ounces at a time are created, and if done correctly the quality (particle size and PPM) will be equal in quality to any commercially produced product, and most likely BETTER! Without the danger of high voltage. 
Over time we have discovered that there are a number of disadvantages to using the simple procedure of wiring 3 or four nine volt batteries together in series, creating a simple colloidal silver maker. (It is nice to know it can be done for emergencies). 
However, to continue to use this process once you are aware there is a better way, would be like continuing to listen to the hand made crystal radio set you made as a child, rather than a full size stereo. (We like the analogy). If you didn't how about this one: It would be like continuing to ride your childhood bike when you could easily afford a Harley.

No matter how you choose to go about making colloidal silver, water quality and silver purity are the most critical considerations. We suggest you use only pure steam distilled water. The silver should be at least .999 which is 99.9% pure, 1/4" or 1/2" x 6" flat pieces of silver or large gauge wire work best, because they provide more surface area than a thin wire does, and an edge from which to sinter. .9999 Silver is more expensive, but highly desirable for Modern Colloidal Silver Production. If you are interested, Sources for silver, pre-made power supplies, (silver generators) kits, a full instruction booklet and and other resources are linked at the end of this article. Testing of the finished silver colloid has convinced us that using the much purer .9999 silver is a more pure way to accomplish, safe and pure Colloidal Silver. If you use the less pure .999 Silver, it tends to add a few parts per million of a few other trash metals. 
Why steam distilled water? Because we are making pure colloidal silver, we do not want other elements or chemical present that will disrupt the process, or adversely effect the outcome. For example if you use salt you get a nice display of rapid precipitation of a silver cloud that quickly forms and floats away from the positive side (anode) within the water. Obvious bubbles of hydrogen will at the same time float up from the negative side (cathode). What should be noted is that using salt may speed the process but it creates compounds and larger unstable particles.

We suggest you DO NOT USE SALT! Because when you use salt the conductivity is greatly increased, this causes the current to cascade. Picture if you will the difference being similar to using an axe rather than a file to remove the particles. If you hack the silver off electrically. It is wonderfully speedy, but it creates a larger particle size, and produces some silver chloride in the process.
It is not true that particles only sinter off at 1.26 angstroms no matter how you produce the colloid. If you question the truth of this statement, have a batch tested that is produced using salt, the particles will be larger, the solution will appear cloudy or murky, and the silver will quickly begin to settle on the bottom of the container as they rapidly fall out of suspension. 
The final analysis of the process using salt creates an unstable colloid with a high level of ionic forms of silver (Ionic meaning not just a proper electrical charge charge, but unstable in the sense that the molecule wishes to attach or combine with other molecules, thus creating compounds.) 

The optimal way to create high parts per million, small particle size colloidal silver is to:
1- Use a colloidal silver generating device that modulates and adapts to the changing resistance and conductivity of the water / colloidal solution. Automatic, Constant Current Regulated Lab Power Supplies are the ONLY Commercially made product that has been PROVEN to AUTOMATE this Constant Current process under wildly varying resistance and current draw required by the Colloidal Process. 

2- You want small particles of silver, this is accomplished by having a ZERO initial resistance and we have PROVEN time and time again, that if you start with HEATED (130 degrees or so) Pure steam distilled water, your particles size will DECREASE (Good) and PURITY of your Colloidal Product increase dramatically (Great).
This process allows the very finest silver particles (subtle particles) to slowly sinter off of the larger (gross) piece of silver, however it is done slowly and may take up to 90 minutes, depending on PPM desired and total amount being created. So one must have patience and proceed with great prudence to acquire the finest CLEAR COLORLESS OR GOLDEN YELLOW pure, all natural, colloidal silver. 
Note: Process time can be decreased by using previously made colloidal silver as a STARTER or SEED Batch, about one ounce of starter to 10 ounces of fresh distilled water. This increases the resistance enough to jump start the process, without the adverse effects salt has. 

As the colloidal silver is being processed as just described, you will hardly be able to see any reaction at all while it is being made. What you will notice is that the electrodes will form a dark film as oxidation occurs. You may also see an extremely fine mist of particles if you shine a bright light or laser into the water. 
At the end of the process the solution will appear virtually clear, or may be slightly gold. -This is what you want. There is commonly a small amount of dark particles on the bottom of the jar when the process is done, this is normal. This is from the silver interacting directly with oxygen and hydrogen. The dark large particles are silver oxide, these are easily filtered out using for instance a (non bleached) coffee filter or name brand filters such as whatman™ paper / filters

The particle size of colloidal silver often is the reason for the gold color .01 to .001 or (10 to 100 angstroms) is where the absorbed light waves by the silver reflect the light gold color, also there is the issue of contaminants to be aware of. 
Ideally the solution should be a clear to very light gold, possibly colorless STABLE SOLUTION or GOLDEN non photo reactive, in other words it may or may not turn gold during the process or so after the colloid is made and goes through the "dispersion" process. 
However it is stable and remains in suspension when exposed to light. It is very difficult to get a clear strong colloid that is between 10 - 20 PPM and remains clear (not cloudy), using low voltage, actually as we have discovered it is nearly impossible to do. 
There is some debate about the gold color, however it is a natural for the colloid to turn gold, depending on the process used to make it. We do not find it undesirable for the solution to be golden colored. The explanation is that the particles absorb light of a certain part of the color spectrum, like the sky reflects blue. It is an expected phenomenon, and usually sought after by people making colloidal silver, though it could be caused by contaminants also. Good steam distilled water contains nothing but water and should be measured on a Colloidal Calibrated PPM Meter of around 3 to 5 ppm all by itself. 
The solution we make is beautifully light gold in color and not red or brown or silvery that we often see in other products. There is a slight metallic taste, but it is not unpleasant. My children love it! The final proof is in the testing on your family.

Protect your particles!

Now that you have taken the time to learn how to produce a batch of fine colloidal silver you may want to keep it away from strong magnetic fields (such as televisions), extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight. (Do not refrigerate.) 
Because of these factors, the AG- electrical charge can possibly become separated from the silver and it will attach to the side and bottom of the container. There are many lab tests that state that there is NO MEASURABLE INTERACTION due to these devices, but we would rather have you keep your products safe anyway.  

We would like to note that colloid made with CONSTANT CURRENT and REGULATED Lab Power Supplies are more stable than most colloids. Tests and observations to date, indicate that colloid of silver we have made do not require being stored in a blue or amber bottle, current observations reveal that the colloid remains in suspension and stable, even in hdpe plastic. We would still not advise the colloid in direct sunlight, near strong magnetic fields. Storing in amber or blue glass is still a wise and prudent measure. This may assure stability during extended storage, i.e. months to years of storage.

It is wise to store any colloidal silver product at room temperature away form light, speakers, computers, TV's in a glass container. It is best not to use non hdpe plastic containers, because they can conduct static charge from the air, the plastic may then absorb the electric charge from the particles and may cause "plating out" to occur rapidly. 
-Plating out describes the loss of the AG- charge which results in the particles falling out of suspension. Some fallout is expected to occur naturally over time. Environmental factors such as cosmic rays, sun spots, micro waves etc. may also adversely effect the solution, the shelf life for low voltage colloidal silver is normally about six months to one full year and possibly a lot longer depending on how it is stored.

FDA Disclaimer and Website Product Terms of Use

The statements made on our websites have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician. The information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your physician, and should not be construed as individual medical advice. The information and testimonials on this website are individual cases and do not guarantee that you will get the same results, this includes results from any colloidal production experiment, or methods as discussed on this website and in any of our instructional guides, books or manuals.