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Colloidal Production Quick Help Guide

-covers information about our different Power Supplies and the Colloidal Production Methods we use.


The information below will hopefully help answer many of the questions you may have in regards

to our Colloidal production systems, accessories and the types and methods of production we recommend.


It is important that you read & study the entire help guide before contacting us for additional assistance.

Specific questions about our systems and what they produce, including batch potency outcomes, particle size, batch sizes, voltage, current and production times are all answered within this guide. Also, our prices are not a secret, jump over to the web pricelist to shop for systems, extra electrodes and even finished colloidal products for you to try before jumping into a production system of your own. If a price of a system is not listed, it's because we'll need your ship to address (country, State, City and zip) to figure out proper shipping charges to give you a more complete quote.


Colloidal Minerals and their Production

Updated April '2017

What is the difference between regular Ionic Colloidal Minerals and the newer Nano Colloidal Minerals?

All Colloidal Minerals have particles that are both Ionic and particulate in nature. The actual method of colloidal production greatly influences the ionic or particulate percentage/ratio outcome of a given colloidal mineral solution. Basically, if a colloidal producer uses a LVDC (low voltage direct current) electrolysis in a non-chemical added method, the end result will normally produce a charged ionic particle. These ionic particles are tiny and are measured in the smaller end of the micron scale. Ionic products normally average about 90-95% Ionic charged particles and the reminder makes up actual metallic (particulate) clusters of silver, or whatever your base electrode mineral was used.


For a size comparison; 1 micron is equal to 1000 nanometers. Obviously particles produced in the smaller Nano meter range is about 1000 times smaller than the average micron particle.


Colloidal producers who use HV (high voltage) electrolysis and let their colloidal batches progress naturally - without adding any chemicals will normally produce a much smaller (as much as 1000 times smaller) Nano particulate colloidal charged particle. No matter which method or power supply (colloidal generator) you use, the actual particle size WILL vary from batch to batch and even from test to test. Many natural variables interfere with each and every colloidal batch, 100% of the time. For a honest colloidal producers who wishes to publish their products particle size, to be accurate, should publish in terms of an estimated particle size.


Basically, if any producer states that a particular power supply or colloidal generator (or method they employ) can produce exactly such or such particle size is being a bit dishonest. To accurately advertise a particular particle size, one would have to constantly be measuring every single batch for potency, turbidity and run a TEM to produce a particle size numbers.

We have noticed that many small colloidal startup producers and companies have their science facts posted incorrectly. Older style Ionic or LVDC produced Colloidal products are usually measured in the larger micron sized particle range, while the new Nano particulate colloidal products are measured in the Nanometer range or 'NanoScopic' range. There exists multiple levels of 'smallness' beyond just micron and Nano.  Recently, we noticed several companies advertising that they are producing particles in the even smaller pico scale, while some hucksters are throwing out more tiny particle sizes down in the angstrom ranges to 'sound' like they know what they are doing.

Let's just be perfectly clear here, there is not ONE single colloidal manufacturer (our company included) who has ever gone through the full FDA Approved testing steps to definitively or accurately state they have the best, or safest, or can say that they produce the smallest colloidal particle product on the market.

The seed money just to start the FDA approval and testing process in 2007 was over ten million dollars. Today it has probably doubled that amount.

All colloidal companies make their products 'outside' of current FDA regulations by calling the products 'nutritional supplements'.


In the case of our products, our family used two different independent labs to better verify our colloidal production methods and to prove our estimate potency and particle size.

Just how small are Colloidal Mineral Particles compared to other tiny objects and why is it important

to produce the smallest colloidal particle possible?

Below is a chart to give the colloidal researcher an idea of just how small both ionic and Nano particulate colloidal particles are created. Smaller colloidal particles (in both the micron and Nano ranges) have been both lab tested and medically proven to attack virus and pathogens in similar fashions, effectively smothering or disabling the virus or pathogen in petri lab tests. Basically, a broader statement that seems ground in medical fact is that the smaller the colloidal particle, the more bio-effective it is for working at the cellular level.

What happens to each colloidal particle when it comes into contact with human stomach acids and even the bloodstream as a whole is still subject to both scientific and medical criticism. It is becoming clear however, that the smaller the colloidal particle is, while not being oversaturated or conglomerated, the more bio-effective it seems to be.

'Fly' into the work of cells & viruses here:

1 (u) micron = 1000 (nm) nanometer



Much Smaller
Nano Range

Eye of a Needle

1,230 microns

1230000 nm

Human Hair

40 to 300 microns

40000 nm - 300000 nm

Oil Smoke

 1 micron

1000 nm

Regular Ionic Colloidal Liquids

0.5 - 1.5 microns

500 nm -1500 nm

Nano Colloidal Liquids

.001 - .030

1 nm -30 nm


10 to 1000 microns

10000 nm -1000000 nm

Tobacco Smoke

0.01 to 1 microns

10 nm - 1000 nm

Coal Dust

1 to 100 microns

1000 nm - 100000 nm

Beach Sand

100 to 2000 microns

100000 nm - 2000000  nm

Mold Spores

10 to 30 microns

10000 nm - 30000 nm


10 to 1000 microns

10000 nm - 1000000 nm

Typical Atmospheric Dust

0.001 to 30 microns

1 nm -30000 nm

Typical FLU Virus

.008 Microns

 80-120 nm

The average particle size in Organix Technologies Nano Colloidal Minerals are on average between 1 to about 20 nanometers in size. Please do not believe any Colloidal Company which states that they produce exactly 0.65 nm size of this or that colloidal mineral. All colloidal batches (even produced inside a vacuum chamber) vary from batch to batch, sometimes as much as 50%. If a Colloidal Producer is stating this inaccuracy, they are not educated or experienced in the proper methods of Colloidal Production.

What color should Colloidal Minerals be?

Color or refraction of visual wavelengths as perceivable by the human eye is directly related to particle size and the type of mineral being produced. Very tiny particles do not reflect light in any substantial way that the human eye will perceive. Only using a laser pen via a Tyndall line test will often prove the existence of tiny ionic or Nano particulate particles inside a finished colloidal batch. When small particles or simply a low number of colloidal particles are held suspended inside the distilled water batch, they will not reflect any perceivable room or outdoor light, and will result in a clear colloidal product. As the actual volume of particles increase inside the batch, producers will begin to perceive an opaque or very light-yellow spectrum on silver and copper batches, or pink or lavender on gold batches. As particle volume increases further, the batch will color up even more, possibly turning dark yellow, brown or even gray.

The best LVDC Ionic Colloidal Silver will be clear, as it will have the smallest possible particle size, as long as you can push the potency to around 10 PPM and see a good strong Tyndall laser line through the water medium.

A HV Nano Particulate based Colloidal Silver is also usually clear and indicates that the particles of silver are extremely small. In fact, down in the tiny Nanoscopic range, which is 1000 times smaller than a single 1 micron Ionic made product above, sometimes even ppm meters will have a difficult time reading the true ppm potencies. The potency doesn't have to be as high to gain a significant bio efficient boost.

Even with the small particle boost you get when using HV and our HV production methods, we still strive to push a Nano Silver product to around 10 PPM u/S. Keeping this number small is what makes our Organix brand of Colloidal Mineral Products so safe and bio-effective.

What color should Nano Colloidal Gold be?

Nano Colloidal Gold production is really tricky, there is no perfect production method which consistently makes a perfect batch of gold on every run. All we can do is provide you with a good HV base power supply, with enough current and high voltage to overcome gold's binding properties and at the same time, provide you with some ideas of what our outside lab tests revealed on our samples. NanoGold can come out clear, light pink, light purple and with enough time, even light red.

When it comes to the production of NanoGold we are here to share our ideas and outcomes, and not here to tell you your NanoGold needs to be a certain color or potency, because there is still so much hype to sift through when it comes to producing colloidal gold.

Properly produced NanoGold usually requires the use of very high-voltage electricity to achieve the proper electrolysis method required to sinter off the super tight particles that gold keeps bond tightly.  LVDC power supplies and methods cannot produce a consistent under water arc method that is the best-known method to cause the gold particles to break apart and sinter off into a water solution. 

Actual Colloidal Gold in the smallest Nano particulate form is usually pink in color. Higher PPM NanoGold does turn light red and on some days, depending on the labs SLP effect, might turn a lavender color. Very dark red colloidal gold with high ppm readings should be avoided as the particle size is very high. We call this 'chunky gold' and it literally can be measured as a toxic heavy mineral, and thus falls under current EPA Toxicity regulations. Organix Technologies make a safer, sweeter tasting NanoGold in the pink color range 100 % of the time.

What is the proper way to store Colloidal Solutions?

Colloidal Solutions need to be stored at room temperature and do not require any refrigeration.
Properly produced Colloidal Minerals usually are not affected by wide temperature extremes.  It is also advisable to keep Colloidal Solutions away from electromagnetic fields, such as refrigerators and computers. These can weaken the tiny electric charge that is on each particle.

Can the body build a tolerance to the action of Colloidal Minerals?

No, when they are produced in the Nano Particulate way we make them. Our Colloidal Minerals are non-addictive and the body does not develop a tolerance or build up.

Are there any drug interactions or side effects with your Colloidal Solutions?

There are no drug interactions with our Colloidal Solutions. They are non-toxic, completely safe, and there is no risk of overdose.

Are Colloidal Solutions safe for children?

Children 6 and up can safely take half the recommended amounts.

Can Colloidal Silver be used topically?

People are using colloidal minerals added to salves, creams and gels all of the time. Check out our Nano Renew, Nanogel and Nano Cream products.

I've heard some people say Colloidal Silver can turn your skin blue or grey. Is this true?

Here's a great article:

Colloidal Silver that is properly made will not cause a condition in which the skin takes on a grey or bluish color. This is a rare condition called Argyria and can result from consuming large amounts of improperly made silver preparations containing too large of particles, silver compounds such as silver chloride, silver nitrate, and silver citrate, or other additives or stabilizers. Colloidal Silver that has been made by an electro/non-chemical process, as ours is, has never caused Argyria. Our Colloidal Minerals are Nanoscopic in design, indicating an extremely small particle size. As a result, the particles are easily eliminated from the body on a continuous basis, and there is no possibility of silver accumulating in the skin.

Does Colloidal Silver kill the beneficial bacteria in my body?

Colloidal silver, in normal amounts, is absorbed well before it reaches the intestines, which is where the good bacteria live (approx. 35% in the small intestine and 65% in the large intestine). This quick absorption is because the silver particles are mostly smaller than a human blood cell. Since the particles of silver have an opposite charge than the body, they are naturally attracted to our cells, and are quickly absorbed through tissues into the bloodstream. It is recommended that Colloidal Silver be held under the tongue or swished about in the mount for 15-30 seconds before swallowing. This helps absorption rate because colloidal minerals are easily absorbed sublingually. The silver is in a colloidal state, just like our bodies, and is readily absorbed. Pharmaceutical antibiotics are in a crystalline state, and take time to digest. This is why they affect the good bacteria in the intestines and Colloidal Silver does not. However, if large amounts of Colloidal Silver are taken, it is possible that a portion could reach the intestines and kill some of the beneficial bacteria, which could cause mild diarrhea. Taking acidophilus or live culture yogurt will help to restore intestinal flora.

What makes Organix Colloidal Products better than others?

First off, about 75% of all Colloidal Producers have either used our production methods as published in our Alternative Health Colloidal Producers Guides or are actually using one of our Commercial Colloidal Generation systems to make their product with. We were one of the first Colloidal Companies on the US map. We have over twenty years of verifiable colloidal production using our methods.

Our Colloidal Products are absolutely, without any question guaranteed to be the finest quality available. Each batch is freshly produced weekly by our technicians. We do not warehouse our stock past 30 days. This means you are guaranteed the freshest possible product known to Colloidal Industry today.

Our Colloidal Minerals only use .9999 (or better) pure minerals and hyper-oxygenated and magnetically structured steam distilled ultra-water (that's our HydroPhasic method). We quality check and micron filter every single bottle in a custom process unknown to the Colloidal Industry.

What's the difference between LVDC and HVAC Colloidal Silver?

LVDC stands for "low voltage direct current" and HVAC stands for "high voltage alternating current." There are claims that one is better than the other. LVDC produced silver particles and ions have a natural negative charge, while the HVAC process contains a very high EMF charged particle.

The HVAC Method also produces on average, particles that are literally 1000 times smaller than any Ionic product can be made and the smaller the particle means that is much more bio-efficient and thus could be hypnotized that it would be more effective at a cellular level.

No matter if you are just starting out in colloidal production field or consider yourself an advanced colloidal producer, it is important for you to take a few minutes to read through this entire on-line help guide before you contact our sales or free support line.

You might be interested to know that about 90% of the questions we receive via our support email are actually already covered in quite a bit of detail within the guide below.


The information published below augments our more detailed Colloidal Producers Guide entitled the 'Alternative Health Colloidal Production Guide.' The guide is 150 pages long and is complete with current charts, guides, hints & tips and pictures of actual colloidal production experiments. Also included are detailed illustrated instructions on how to properly produce both Ionic and Nano Particulate Colloidal products.


If you order a book direct through the webpage link below, you will get a recently updated 10-page Colloidal Producers Guide addendum.


Almost everyone who becomes involved with our methods ends up ordering a book (or gets one as included with their system purchase). Feel free to grab a copy for yourself by clicking here or grab one from


Only by taking the time to actually read and study this guide (and later by studying the book(s) we offer) you will gain a better understanding of both the basic and advanced colloidal production methods we like to use ourselves.

By paying close attention to the details contained below, you will learn the differences in the two major colloidal production modes and the many individual colloidal methods used by most of the colloidal producers in the world today. Most importantly, you are going to learn about the equipment and even the operating experience that is required to produce the various types of colloidal minerals in a field laboratory. 


As we get busier with life and our regular fulltime jobs, we have less operating staff and not as many willing volunteers as we once had to filed new user’s questions. Now a day it seems like we don't have time to hold the hands of brand new producers like we once did, so be patient with us and be prepared to wait a couple days for a reply to any support or sales questions you may send us.


One thing we need to get established right up front, is that many of our systems are geared toward the advanced Colloidal Producer and if you are visiting this site, it is assumed that you already have significant LVDC Ionic and/or HV Nano-particulate colloidal production experience. We just won't sell you a HV Lab power supply if you don't already have many years of Ionic LVDC colloidal production under your belt.


Our systems and methods are not automated. These are the same University Laboratory power supplies you trained on in College, not some auto shut off, varying wall transformer toy designs some 'companies' are trying to pass off as real lab grade generation systems.

Two Colloidal Production modes or types and their recommended power supply models

Ionic Based
If you want to produce the Industry Standard Ionic based Colloidal Silver, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium and other metallic electrode based minerals, you should be looking at the DigiPro PS-10, PS-20, PS-27, PS-30, PS-50, PS-120, PS-400 and PS-500 Ionic Low Voltage DC Systems.

Nano Particulate HV based
If you are interested in producing Nano Particulate based Colloidal Silver, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Platinum and low ppm Gold, you should be looking at the NST-120 (for North American and Japanese power grid) and the NST-220 (for all other International Users).
NST-120 and NST-220 power supplies are only sold to those who already have extensive colloidal production experience under their belt.  The NST-120 and the NST-220 power supplies are high voltage devices and can be dangerous to use - these systems are not for the new colloidal producer.

Getting Started in Colloidal Production (No matter the mode or method)

If you are brand new to the Colloidal Production, the guide can still be of assistance. I'd rather have you read through this guide than try to read some BS off the internet that is full of hype and inaccuracies. The best way to gain this experience is by studying and actually doing various colloidal experiments in your own home or work lab. This actual experience cannot be taught by simply reading a book, only hands on experimentation will teach you all the ins and outs of proper colloidal production. If after you have read through this Help Guide and you still have questions, feel free to email us and we'll try to give you some assistance. With that being said, please understand that Organix Technologies and our methods of production are just some of the dozen or so different methods that are popular in producing colloidal minerals.

If you do have to email us a question, please allow a couple days for replies.

Unlike other colloidal generator companies, we will even try to help provide free technical support for any other brands or maker of colloidal products, all you have to do is just ask.

By studying this entire Help Guide and learning about the colloidal production methods discussed here; we hope that you will better understand which of our DIGIPRO™ System(s) or what other Power Supplies will fit your particular colloidal production needs.

 One of the many reasons why we openly offer support is to help you determine what production skill level you and/or your lab technicians are at. 

Armed with the knowledge and technical requirements as listed below in this Help Guide, together we can help to decide which system and method best suits your needs.

To start this process out correctly, it is important for you to see if you even meet our minimum requirements to purchase a system through us. For safety and liability reasons, we will not sell any HV power supplies to new colloidal producers!

A. Do you want to make Colloidal Minerals for Home and family use, or Commercial use, or both?

B. How many liters or gallons would you need to produce each day or week?

Our production methods are based upon the 1000 ml per batch method, however, our systems can each by themselves handle large 5 gallon batch containers and possibly more.

C. Do you want to produce 'Industry standard' Ionic Silver, Copper or Zinc Health Nutritional Supplements?

D. Do you want to produce the more advanced HVAC nano-particulate high voltage Silver, Copper, Zinc or Gold products?

E. Do you have the hands on lab experience that you will need to safely produce colloidal minerals at home or in the field?


Note: Producing colloidal silver, copper, zinc, platinum, etc. minerals safely and in an effective manner requires the user to have at minimum some knowledge of basic colloidal generation equipment.


Before you decide what production method you want to try, you should ALREADY HAVE most of the basic experience as list below.


FOR THE BEGINNER through Intermediate LVDC (low voltage) Colloidal Producer


Models include: DigiPro PS-10, PS-20, PS-27, PS-30, PS-50, PS-120, PS-400 and PS-500 Ionic Low Voltage DC Systems


To purchase and use a LVDC Colloidal Generation System from Organix Technologies, you must be familiar with the following items

1- Basic knowledge of AC mains Electricity, Power Supplies and their DC outputs.

2- Know what voltage and current actually is and how they affect your colloidal batch outcomes.

3- Know how to safely use electrical/electronic power supplies safely around live colloidal batches in a wet, potentially dangerous environment.

4- Know how to safely install and manipulate electrical connections, electrodes, and alligator clips or electrode holder apparatus

5- Know how to work with lab beakers and handheld PPM testing meters

6- Have the ability to adjust any DIGIPRO™ System or other Bench Power Supply (or Colloidal Generator) to proper settings and/or adjustments to known Colloidal Mineral(s) settings (each mineral has its own voltage and current requirement).

FOR THE ADVANCED COLLOIDAL PRODUCER (those who wish to obtain any NST HV Device, must meet and exceed section 1 -6 and 7 through 16)

Models include PS-100, NST-120 and NST-220 To purchase any High Voltage HVAC system from Organix Technologies, you must ALSO meet or exceed the following requirements

7- Have a working knowledge of AC mains systems for either 115-125 VAC or 205-240 VAC, circuits and separate breakers or branches to hook HVAC Colloidal Generation equipment up to. (HVAC systems require their own branch with GFI of GFII ground fault shock protection outlets)

8- Have previously worked with heavier duty high-voltage leadsets, larger clips, electrodes and electrode holders, including past experience with our LVDC TSM methods.

9- Know how to properly install HVAC power supply systems correctly and have an open area, lab bench or table top that is not metallic or metal.

10- Understand that HVAC processes and methods should be carried out on a rubber mat, plastic or wood table top 

11- Have prior experience and the ability to work safety around high voltages and currents in the ranges of 7500 to 15,000 voltage and from 0 - 60 milliamps. Know about coronal discharge, hv transformers, secondary and primary GTO wiring systems.

12- The colloidal HV producer should be familiar with the high voltage electrical connections and how to properly adjust HV electrodes that have stray AC, which cause RF to surrounding devices.

13- Have previous experience and/or the ability to deal with on-going and temporary emergency shut down situations of the HV equipment for both emergencies and regular 'during batch process' PPM or potency testing. 8- Have the ability to safely ground out or adjust any electrodes in an on-going colloidal batch by using HV rated safety non-metallic devices, pliers, glass rods, etc.

14- Be able to safely operate, move arms, hands and other body parts and to keep such away from any leadsets, wires, clips, electrodes or metallic devices during a progressing HV batch.

15- Have the understanding that by using ANY high voltage power supply, neon sign transformer, microwave oven MOT or other high voltage apparatus that the colloidal producer can be harmed, shocked, mamed, burnt and possibly be killed by using such systems in the advanced colloidal nano-particulate production methods.

16- Unless you meet or exceed all of the training and experience as listed, we will not sell you a NST High Voltage Kit.


We aren't trying to push you into buying two different systems, however, starting out with a basic LVDC DIGIPRO™ System is often the safest and easiest way to learn and grow in your colloidal manufacturing business.


It makes a good, small particle, ionic colloidal silver, copper, zinc and even a few other minerals with the exception of colloidal gold (which requires high voltage to produce).


With any method of colloidal production you decide to start with, you have to use good, low or zero ppm steam distilled water for your batches. Using Filtered, Tap, RO or De-Ionized water is a big no no and cause wild outcomes and as a result, your particle size will vary, however YOU WON'T HURT OUR COLLOIDAL GENERATION POWER SUPPLIES because they are built to handle heavy duty experimentation using any water source.


We cannot reiterate enough that to recreate colloidal minerals in your home or field office/lab requires actual lab experience or training; this includes being able to to understand the colloidal processes and methodologies behind good mineral production. There are many colloidal generator companies popping up around the internet lately and attempting to sell people transformers with wires and accessories that have never been tested for safety, so it is important for you to know the truth about what it takes to produce colloidal minerals in a safe and accurate manner. Make sure your system is UL and CE Listed, because our systems are!
Hanna LabsThe reasons for learning how to make colloidal minerals properly from the beginning are too many to list, however, the most important thing we want you to remember as you research any equipment are  'safety, purity and particle size'.

What you don't want to obsess about is quantity or potency (how strong you can make a batch in ppm outcomes).


Purchasing safe colloidal generation equipment should be the most important item to think about. If an unwary consumer happens to buy a non-UL (Underwriters Laboratory) colloidal generation system, they can be shocked or killed by its improper use, because the unit or modules contained inside have not undergone rigorous testing for safety. you will be happy to know that all of our systems or the module inside all carry a full UL Certification. This doesn't mean your power supply cannot hurt or kill you, it just means that being certified, adds one more step of safety to the entire equation. To date, there is not any other Colloidal Generator Company that can report that every module is UL Certified like we can report.

The fact that many 'fly-by-night' colloidal generation system companies are popping up all over the place is concerning to us, enough that we are offering this free help guide to make you aware of them. Besides being a safety liability, these colloidal generator companies units usually produce a VERY unstable, and inconsistent colloidal product, which could be dangerous to use. Many of these generator companies simply produce a poor grade of colloidal product, with unsafe levels of toxicity that are simply NOT safe for human or even animal ingestion.

Fortunately, our DIGIPRO Systems are backed up with a complete 150 Page guide which teaches a new or seasoned colloidal producer how to make colloidal minerals correctly, right from the start.  


Trust me when I tell you it still takes a bit of talent to work through the experiments and methods, but the reward is when you help someone else by giving them a colloidal product that helps them.


If you are new to colloidal production, you might be surprised to learn there are several different methods that are available to produce real colloidal minerals. Some of the actual experiments are dangerous to work around, especially those using HVAC methods or other methods which require working with high voltage equipment. Other methods exist that are safer and work with low voltages like our LVDC systems. Regardless of the method, one must learn how to make their colloidal minerals SAFE right from the beginning.


When speaking of producing the industry standard 'ionic' silver; mineral toxicity and build up in the epidermis (skin) is the most prominent side effect of using an inferior colloidal generation system and outdated production methods. The following isn't here to scare you away, it is here to teach you right from wrong.

Unfortunately, far too many consumers are just 'wannabe' colloidal producers and actually believe the very first thing they read off the internet.


The following pictures are of those who have a toxic amount of silver built-up in their system. This silver build-up is actually called ARGYRIA, which means toxicity of silver build-up in the skin, organs and tissues. These folks who make and then used this inferior outdated product all said they learned about throwing together a generators off the internet. They built simple colloidal generators as described on many Google, Yahoo and Eskimo Silver Internet groups.


Now a days, by using our latest methods and equipment/instructions, it is virtually impossible to make any products which can cause this level of toxic build up.


Don't believe everything you read on The Internet about Colloidal Products
95% is inaccurate or simply outdated and should be considered unsafe!
These people are victims of the Inaccurate, Internet Colloidal Hype that still prevails the NET today! These people thought it was easy to make Ionic Colloidal Silver in their kitchens or basements, they were obviously misled. These people are are all victims of Argyria, a permanent skin disease caused by the heavy ingestion of improperly made colloidal silver.
These folks were told false and misleading information by unregulated Google, Yahoo and Internet Silver groups/forums that are rife with unsafe, inaccurate ideas from uninformed 'wanna-be' scientists. 
We are not saying we know everything there is to know about Colloidal Minerals or their production, but what we do teach has been lab tested, proven safe over and over again. The people here at Organix Technologies will be always tell you the truth or direct you to the answers you seek. After 15 years in the Colloidal Business, we believe you finally deserve accurate and truthful information, including the the ups & downs of trying to reproduce them in the field.

*Where applicable, all pictures and graphics are used with permission by their perspective copyright holders 
"I'm living with it, it is hard to go out in public at times, but I'm getting over it slowly." "I still believe in Colloidal Silver's healing powers, I just wished I would have produced it in the proper manner..."


If your Colloidal Product requires the use of any Saline Catalyst, Saline Solution, Sodium, citrate or any other chemical additive - please don't use that product for yourself or your family!


Fortunately, using our systems and proprietary methods, we will teach you our methods on how to make it the correct, safe and proper colloidal minerals. If you follow our advice, your risk is near zero of any chance of these kind of side effects occurring.

With our systems and support/guidance, it is IMPOSSIBLE to mess up your colloidal batches as long as you use our equipment and follow our simple production instructions. There are many different systems, power supplies and methods out there, ours is not the only 'correct way' to produce colloidal minerals, however, we believe our methods are some of the most up to date and futuristic methods available le to reproduce quality colloidal minerals in the field.


Properly made colloidal minerals (that are considered safe for human or animal use) require pre and post batch testing using actual lab instruments, tools and other equipment. While some of our Deluxe and Deluxe Plus packages do include some basic handheld digital reading potency meters, they are still just rudimentary field measuring devices, so please remember to utilize a good outside lab for your final batch testing.


Unfortunately, even many new commercial colloidal producers completely disregard regular outside lab testing recommendations. The methods of producing effective colloidal minerals, their strength and presence of actual ionic or particulate (metallic) nano or micron sized particles DO vary from batch to batch.

Please don't be fooled when such and such company states that they have achieved .65 nm particle size in each batch, it's just impossible to see a batch outcome exactly at .65 nm consistently and they are misleading you!


After your experiments are made and you are producing a more 'consistent' product or batch, it then becomes important to submit your samples to outside lab testing (a must if you are going to sell to the public) and a regulation and requirement if you are selling to consumers in US or Canada.


This is the time when your finished product is subjected to more than just a clarity/ppm or tyndall effect test in your home or office lab. You should be sending out your finished product to an independent, outside laboratory for extensive testing on particle (zeta) effect, TEM scopes testing to prove actual particle size that shows uniformity for actual bio-effectiveness.


Add to this a full and complete lab regime of bio-microbial studies and you are still just scratching the surface of making your products certified for consumer use.


Organix Technologies has the ability to test a systems owners initial batches at no charge (if you are a customer) for ppm in both tds and 0 to 200 microsiemens/cm (0 to 100 mg/L TDS ranges. We also have a 5 mw green and red line laser for accurate Tyndall line testing, we also can direct you to a labs that offer other testing.


If your finished colloidal product is not microbial or bio-effective, than you have been wasting your time and your colloidal product won't be of any use to you or your customers if it does not 'hit' minimum microbial levels.


In other words, you may purchase a small, inferior or battery operated colloidal silver generator and the the specimen it produces may test out at 10 ppm one day but has no measurable microbial effect, while the same method or experiment you try another day produces a better microbial specimen but at just 5 ppm outcome. The only way you will know is if you have a facility and proper equipment to actually test each and every batch. Home producers are lucky if they even have one lab test item of the 10 needed for proper testing of their finished products.


Here at Organix Technologies, we have done all the testing for each one of our DIGIPRO systems, from simple home lab use to professional rack mounted HVAC Nano Particulate systems, we know what our field colloidal researchers need.


We have done much of the leg work and investigation for you so that you can spend your time making clear, clean and pristine colloidal minerals that are truly bio-effective and useful for human, plant or animal use. We have tried our best to test each model and even run a test batch on every single power supply or generation kit we sell, including running a quick lab test on the samples. This helps us quickly know beyond a shadow of any doubt, that we have presented YOU, the customer, with a real colloidal generation system.


We have checked out many of the other brands of Colloidal Lab Generation Systems


We have a full repair facility and often times we have repaired and upgraded OTHER BRANDS of colloidal generators. Because we have had the opportunity to actually get our hands on many of the generators on the US and International market, we have seen how some of them cheaply skirt around certification requirements with their designs. Some designs are really good, even some battery operated designs, however, most are overly priced and have whistle and bells that are totally unnecessary for colloidal lab production. We have conducted repairs on many other brands of colloidal generation systems and have run them to produce Colloidal Silver. While doing so, it became clear to our technicians that all but a couple units seem to completely fabricate their test results and lab outcomes and thus, their products they actually produce are as ineffective as their colloidal generator designs.


Before you buy any Colloidal Production equipment


Beware of any Colloidal Company who markets a generator that uses only batteries  (other than for limited emergency use) every battery design we have seen and actually tested here in our lab is not constant current and cannot be regulated within colloidal production specifications. It is true that there is a wide range of colloidal currents that can work, the problem is that by adding wildly changing parameters a battery or wall transformer causes, makes for a poor and ever changing outcome of each batch. Nature already adds its own Colloidal SLP effect, why should you use a power supply that will just compound the problem?


Beware of any Colloidal Company whose production equipment is not UL Listed or at least employs verifiable UL listed modules, parts or accessories. You can be shocked or killed by these homemade units. Injuries related to shock has happened many times to many field colloidal producers.


Beware of any Colloidal Company that markets high ppm silver, such as those claims they sell greater than 100ppm (like 500-10,000ppm) as these companies don't know what they are doing and are mostly likely brewing their colloidal batches past a normal saturation/conglomeration point by using chlorides, salts, salines or other unsafe chemicals to reach these deadly outrageously high PPM levels. Whatever you do, don't drink this high ppm stuff or give it to your family members. Companies that sell 'mild silver protein' taut their miracle cures, but at what cost? To learn more about general Ionic Colloidal Systems, Uses and Argyria disease, click here to check out a very informative website:


Beware of any Colloidal Company that does not have an FDA Registered Lab Facility.

Beware of any Colloidal Generator Company who uses saline additives (such as salts or saline packets) to make their colloidal batches.

Beware of any Colloidal Company that does not have verified years of experience and colloidal science background and have real Colloidal Researchers that are passionate about their work.


Beginning in 1994 as Pride Labs, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Organix Technologies has been doing this research for over 20 years now! If we don't know the answer, we promise to direct you to another Colloidal Researcher who can help you.


Organix Technologies has designed all of our colloidal production equipment around the Professional and Lay scientist in all of us. Our Colloidal Production Guide (included with every system) teaches even new producers how to obtain the correct equipment and lab testing parts necessary to become a safe colloidal mineral producer. Our systems have undergone years (since 1994) of rigorous lab testing, that proves our units fall within the correct microbial zone and bio-effective ranges for human and animal ingestion, however, once our baseline testing was accomplished, we have not updated the results due to the enormous cost of each test costs. Please do not ask for copies of our TEM graphs or Lab Analysis, we used to provide them freely, but we stopped publishing the results when dubious (and cheap) colloidal fly-by-night start-ups were caught using our lab results as their own, forgoing all their own individually required lab testing and analysis.


As of January 2014, we have never had a single complaint and of the hundreds of systems we have placed with Home Labs, Medical Clinics and with other Colloidal Researchers all over the world, we have never had one system ever returned because of a failure or mechanical issue.


Unfortunately, many Internet Colloidal Companies have lied to you and  so many 'fly-by-night' colloidal generator manufactures have scammed so many of our friends and families into into buying inferior and unsafe colloidal generator or production units. Just beware of unmoderated Yahoo, Google and Eskimo users lurking in the forums. 99% of these 'colloidal researchers' don't have a clue as to what they are talking about.

Do not listen to them and become a statistic for another case of Argyria.


If you are serious about producing your own colloidal products or wish to start up a Colloidal Manufacturing Business -

Please click here to get our latest version of the 150 Page Illustrated Colloidal Production Book


Every week, we receive dozens of emails about what it takes to become a effective and safe colloidal producer, be it for home or commercial use. Many of our customers and researchers use the internet to research colloidal products and production techniques. It is important that we help you get started on the correct colloidal production path. We do this by maintaining this helpful guide online.


Our DIGIPRO colloidal production systems all come with our 150 page Colloidal Production Guide. This covers basic LVDC Ionic production all the way through advanced HVAC particulate production methods. We now do OFFER all current versions of the manual separately. Just click the order above link.


Before beginning to produce a colloidal product, it is important that you first try some properly produced Colloidal Silver, Zinc, Copper or Gold for whatever therapy you wish to experiment with. Organix Technologies carries a great line of tried and lab proven colloidal products made by Nature's Spirit Organics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah is labeled as the 'supplement capital' of the world and more technology and lab testing of Colloidal products happen in Utah, than on any other place on earth.


Home to some of the worlds largest Colloidal producers, local labs and testing facilities are versed and educated on the proper testing of each colloidal product, before being marketed to the public. Organix Technologies is a dealer for the Salt Lake born Nature Spirit Products, along with many GNC and Apple-a-Day chain stores across the US.


At Organix Technologies, we build and experiment with the actual equipment for colloidal production. We also custom brew special concentrated and bulk colloidal products for Cosmetic companies. Our customers list grows as we have provided bulk nano-concentrates to both many cosmetic companies.

By telling you a little about our precise colloidal production techniques, we hope to help to educate you in some of the basic, safe and tried and proven ways to recreate pristine, useful and highly bio-available colloidal products in your own lab or office.


We know that we don't make any money by telling you how to produce the same exact colloidal products the 'industry' makes, markets or sell to you via your local GNC store, however, we know the entrepreneur in you will most likely have you attempting to purchase a generation system and make your own batches from your home or office lab.


The goal of this online free guide is to help you to-


1- Learn about the different types of Colloidal Minerals

2- Learns about the two major methods of production

3- Ascertain what skill levels you have in lab chemistry and ac/dc electronics coursework, so that we can help you pick a proper colloidal production unit, even if it's NOT made by us!

Again, we lightly touched on this issue a few paragraphs up, but it needs to be reiterated once again:



Adding hard salines or salts is the only known method to synthetically push colloidal minerals into a high ppm, very toxic range of potencies.


If you want truly lab tested, tried and proven LVDC IONIC and HVAC-NANO PARTICULATE products that use real UL LISTED models, cords, GFII systems (all built in) please keep reading.


 There are so many other web gurus and health nuts on the web that are just full of 'fake science'. They are not here to help cultivate proper colloidal production education, they are simply here to buy their inferior battery or unregulated wall transformer colloidal generator designs.


Most just want your money and they don't give a crap about you or your health. We only push our book, because it contains the truth and you can do this all on your own, even if you don't buy a colloidal production system through us.


Even if you don't buy a single product from us, PLEASE LISTEN and save yourself trouble. Ask our technicians about other brands and models you are considering buying.


Our Techs will tell you honestly what we think of their units, claims and if they are any good or not.


There are far too many positives that outweigh any negatives for freely setting you up on the right path. Because our hope is to instill in your the basic knowledge about Colloidal Mineral production, our competitors are furious with us for posting this online 'free' production primer guide.

We invite you to take your time and read through the guide, as it will answer most all of your questions regarding Commercial and Home production of Colloidal Minerals.

You may already have some experience in producing LVDC (low voltage direct current) or HVAC (high voltage alternating current) colloidal liquids in your lab, or you are just researching the possibility of looking into producing your own nutritional health supplements in the form of colloidal minerals. This short guide will help you get you headed in the right direction. It is brought to you by the Engineers, Colloidal Researchers and field producers of Organix Technologies, LLC



LVDC methods are the easiest and safest way to make IONIC silver, copper, zinc and other liquid minerals, for oral and topical uses. These methods use safe voltages from 18-48 vdc and 5 to 50 milliamps of power. 90% of the Colloidal Industry uses LVDC IONIC methods. These methods are what GNC, Rite-Aid and other producers create their silver with. DC Ionic methods can make Colloidal Silver, Copper, Zinc and a few other minerals. They cannot be used 'effectively' to create a decent colloidal gold at this time. The DC production uses the TSM (total submersion method) where both electrodes are submerged into a distilled water base uniformly distanced. Our 50 page manual included with our systems contains full description, carts, colored pictures and diagrams on how to safely produce colloidal minerals, package, label and market them to the public.


HVAC methods are the hardest and most dangerous way to produce PARTICULATE silver, copper, gold, zinc and other futuristic minerals. These methods use advanced TSM and PUAM (total submersion method & plasma underwater arc method) all originally discovered and published by PrideLabs in August 1994. These methods use HVDC and/or HVAC power delivery systems. Our 156 page manual that is included with our systems contains full description, carts, colored pictures and diagrams on how to safely produce colloidal minerals, package, label and market them to the public.

Training & Help

In a perfect world, all colloidal producers should be trained in a lab. We suggest that each Colloidal Producer should have taken and passed basic DC and AC electronic theory as well as basic chemistry courses. Producing proper colloidal products requires some basic scientific and electronic knowledge. However, we have successfully taught many labs, companies and persons to produce colloidal minerals. Just about anyone can learn the basic steps and be able to repeat most basic methods rather easily when set up with the proper colloidal power supply system and accessories. Even though we are asked all the time to fly in and set up a  system, train the techs, we usually pass, because the steps are so easily learned, we'd feel guilty about having people fly us in, just for a days worth of training that is already covered in our Colloidal Producers Guides we publish.

This free, online guide will help get you started in the right direction. If you are serious and want to recreate real lab experiments and try to produce your own pristine colloidal products at home, we suggest you buy our Alternative Health Colloidal Production Guide.


Our guides will help you to be able to accurately recreate our proven and lab tested scientific methods. Our production methods are all spelled out for you and fully illustrated in our 150 page guide. The latest VERSION of this guide are included free with our Basic-Deluxe DIGIPRO Colloidal Generation system.

Electricity & Water

All current colloidal production is accomplished by using AC or DC voltages transferred down a given elemental set of pure electrodes directly into a medium of a liquid steam distilled water base. DO NOT USE tap water, RO water, Filtered Water, Purified water or de-ionized water...just cheap old, pure, 0-3ppm pretested distilled water. Untrained users could be SHOCKED or KILLED by attempting to recreate any method incorrectly. Please be careful when trying to recreate inaccurate and unproven experiments that you read about on Yahoo Silver Lists and Yahoo Gold groups. While there is some accurate information being posted on those Silver and Gold groups, hardly any of the information posted has ever been lab tested or approved.

We believe in being Different!

Organix Technologies and it's engineers have obtained full lab certification for their methods and products. Can our competitors state this honestly?
Here at Organix Technologies we teach you safe, quality methods to produce real Colloidal Silver, Copper, Zinc, Gold, as well as other futuristic colloidal minerals. If you are interested in actually purchasing a complete Colloidal Generation system from us, you might take note that all of our DC and NST HVAC systems have complete ground fault shock safety cutoff systems enabled. All of the modules we employ are 100% certified (UL) Underwriters laboratory certified. We can teach almost ANYONE to become a QUALITY colloidal producer, safely and within the legal parameters of the DSHEA and FDA current regulations!

Our Experience

Since 1994, when we started as Pride Labs, in Salt Lake City, Utah with Dr. Hendricks and Dr. Guthrie as our advisors, we have taught and nurtured thousands of Doctors, Scientists, Commercial Producers and people just like you to produce safe and effective home and commercial colloidal products. This has saved them thousands in health care costs! We pride ourselves is producing EASY & SAFE DIGIPRO DC systems that ANYONE can learn to use!


We were one of the first COLLOIDAL PRODUCERS in the World that scientifically formulated our methods to make completely pure, no additive, colloidal minerals.


This means you are using the smallest particle, best absorbable colloidal product in the entire world.

We don't use chemicals, saline's or other additives to achieve our CSRG Award winning methods.

It's the 21st century and if you know anything about basic colloidal production, it is very hard to believe that there are still companies that are using the old, outdated methods by adding salts, saline's and other additives to produce toxic and very unhealthy colloidal products.

Previously, Pride Scientific Labs was the first to make both methods (lvdc and hvac) available FREE to the public.
Organix Technologies was one of the first to publish rudimentary Colloidal Production Guides all the way back in 1994 to many Medical and University Labs associates. Our partners were the first to change and update to newer methods and techniques to produce pure Ionic and Nano-particulate liquids in the USA. Organix Technologies was the first to develop and license the Plasma Underwater Arc Vapor Method of Colloidal Gold production and we still use it today with out Plasma Panel technology.

We try to be the 1st accurate information
We instill accurate and correct information and give you the real LAB TOOLS that are necessary to be a colloidal producer if you follow guides. If there is ever a question, our customers can use email and awesome phone support we provide with every complete system we sell. Sometimes we find out from a field researcher or customer that a certain method can be altered to make a safer or more productive batch, we are the first to give them credit and we work hard on updating the guides and website with the latest and greatest information.

Use a UL listed or Approved Colloidal Generation System
There are far too many web and internet site selling unsafe colloidal generators, that are not UL LISTED, LABORATORY CERTIFIED or APPROVED. Some generator manufacturers are teaching their customers to add salt and saline to their processes as well as other unsafe and dangerous binders or additives. These people are not informed Colloidal Producers and will most likely kill a consumer some day by pushing their unsafe, toxic sludge.

One of the Colloidal Gold and Silver groups is teaching non qualified people to tear open their microwave ovens and use the unshielded 1.5kw transformer (MOT) out of them. There is a reason why a microwave oven is only approved for use when it's surrounded by a rf cage (the microwaves inner box).

Unshielded MOT's (transformers torn out from old microwave ovens) cause flesh to disintegrate at the cellular level and can actually cause burns and later cancer, even in small doses. Uneducated and risky 'wanna be' lay scientists at the colloidal gold and silver group is telling you to use them anyway! There are safer, better ways, and Pacific Organix Labs has always used the better and safer methods to do it. We have developed tried and proven techniques over 15 years of studies and testing to help keep you safe.

The RF (radio frequency) damage to skin and muscles alone within the same room is like sticking your hand inside a working microwave oven for a few seconds, you wouldn't do it, nor should you expose yourself to that amount of electrical rf energy.

IF YOU EVER READ SOMETHING IN A SILVER OR GOLD LIST GROUP and wish to verify it's accuracy, please email us and we will tell you the what our team thinks. There is a reason why we have spent thousands in research and lab testing of our safe, tried and proven methods. Our goal is to KEEP YOU SAFE!

Every Organix Technologies generation system is built with safety in mind. In Sept 2007, we had a Market Researcher study all of the major US and Canadian Colloidal Generator companies. Their findings scared us and should horrify the public. Of the 9 companies listed, NOT ONE HAS ANY PROVABLE LAB CERTIFICATION and NONE OF THEIR GENERATORS ARE UL CERTIFIED or even minimally use UL listed modules like our DIGIPRO® systems do!

The 10th Company, DIGIPRO®, was the first and has always used UL Listed parts, power supplies and modules. Of course who owns the DIGIPRO® line? We are happy to report, that it is another fine product line distributed by Organix Technologies, LLC

What about Particle and Batch Size?

All of our systems have been independently laboratory tested to produce 'better than Industry standard small micron and nano particulate liquid products.' Our Included Guides and Manuals teach our users to make the most pristine and pure home or commercial certified products in the entire world!

The average potency of IONIC BASED colloidal product we teach you to create is around 10ppm. You actually get to chose your own strength ranges in the field and most average ionic particle size is well below <.05 micron and most batches come in even smaller in the <.005 range as determined by real lab analysis.

However, because batch to batch gets affected a little bit by your SLP Effect, your local field results will most likely vary. We teach all of our new system owners to run a week of baseline testing on their own batches and then send a batch in for independent lab testing to prove your baseline methods.

The average potency of NANO PARTICULATE BASED colloidal product our systems NST systems create is around 10ppm (you actually get to chose your own strength ranges in the field and push batches to whatever your needs might be) and most average PARTICULATE BASED particle size is usually under 10nm and most batches come in even smaller about 3 nm or or smaller, based upon many field users independent lab analysis.


Your local field results will most likely vary, so we teach all producers to run a week of baseline testing on their own batches and then send a batch in for independent lab testing to prove your baseline methods. Size of the batches that the colloidal process will naturally occur inside, are around 500 (8 oz) to 1000 (32 oz) ML batches.


While it is possible to use larger electrode plates and automated stirring apparatus in production container up to 5 gallons at a time, the natural colloidal process occurs much easier in the smaller beaker sizes. The problem occurs with your lab's SLP effect and often these larger batches are not controllable nor are they ever consistent in their outcome. Wild variations of PPM, Particles and actual charge on larger batches become un predictable.


Remember that the 'spark' of energy our methods and systems actually IMPRINT on each tiny colloidal particle, is the spark that helps the particles synergistically work with our cellular structure.


You can brew huge batches all day long and see an ppm increase, but the bio efficiency and the colloidal charge will just not be present.

Radical Medical Claims

There are websites (even US companies) that are still illegally marketing Colloidal Products. You will easily find them because they make radical medical claims about their Colloidal Products. They are unable to Medically prove that their systems or products work. Unfortunately, many of these internet companies have been caught using other legitimate companies posted lab testing and results. If a company says that Colloidal products can help cure anything, including over 650 diseases, they have not done any research or independent lab testing of their products. A true test of those companies who are legitimate are easily found on the FDA Warning website. These Colloidal Companies, (as an example) *Misosilver and *Purist Colloidal were on the FDA's enforcement list (they basically got a letter is all).

They were busted early on by FDA investigators making some colloidal medical cures and claims. While they make a terrific product over at Purest Colloidals, they got a little over zealous trying to compete with every 'fly by night' colloidal producer that popped up all over the country. Regardless of any slaps by the FDA on Purest Colloidal, Frank and his team make a fine pure and pristine product.

Please go to the FDA website to see for yourself.

Try a search for Organix Technologies or Pride Labs and you will find that we have NEVER been challenged by the FDA and in fact, we use an FDA registered lab.

 All colloidal producers need to realize that they will at sometime be investigated. Because of this fact, we teach every producer we help set up their production and always follow the laws and regulations of their City, County, State and Federal Health regulators.

In our guides, we have whole sections devoted to the Colloidal Producer, FDA, EPA and DSHEA sections. We even include labeling examples for the commercial producers. Producers need to be legitimate, licensed, insured and bonded, with provable independent quality/lab reports, done annually, if not quarterly. We have taught and set up many colloidal producers here in the US and all over the world, we give you the true and correct advice when setting up a production facility.

Some people write and ask us to reveal or state MEDICAL CURE STATEMENTS and DISEASE CURE/BENEFITS in regards to our Colloidal Silver, Gold, Copper and Zinc solutions. Unfortunately, it is ILLEGAL for Organix Technologies or any US company to state the medical benefits or cures that Colloidal Silver, Copper, Zinc, Gold or even platinum has on the human body. Colloidal products are not FDA approved or tested as medical cure alls. All of Pacific Organix products are fully approved to market as a Nutritional Dietary Supplements only.







  • Easiest method for beginners to recreate in the field or for home researchers.

  • Tried and proven easy methods for industry standard colloidal production known today.

  • Creates a small ionic particle that depending on your lab setup and end strength goal, can be under <.05 micron range for easy bio-availability and absorption.


  • This LVDC method is mostly used to create clear colored of silver, copper and zinc colloidal solutions from 1 to 15ppm in strength or  light yellow or golden colored strengths in the 15 to 50+ ppm range.

  • LVDC systems create a polarized charge on a batch that charges the tiny ionic particle in a natural way and help keep the silver particles in suspension. This charge is aligned with our bodies natural dc charge.

  • Shelf life of properly stored finished LVDC products can last up to 18 months with only a 5% drop in efficiency if stored properly.


  • LVDC and HVDC methods have been used successfully experimented with to also produce very low ppm clear colored gold, platinum and other minerals.


  • The LVDC methods are used to make 16- 32 ounce batches at one time, some DIGIPRO LVDC units can be chained to produce multiple batches at once with the use of extra lead sets and adding the correct amount of production time.


  • Most LVDC experiments create a 16-32oz batch of 10 ppm of crystal clear silver, copper or zinc in about 60-90 minutes and about 2 hours for a pure 15ppm single batch.


  • LVDC methods use low voltage and low current, making it almost impossible to be shocked by a human interfering with a ongoing batch. Some advanced IONIC colloidal researchers are using the DIGIPRO PS120 to experiment with higher voltage dc (up to 120vdc) to produce low ppm gold and platinum solutions.


  • Easy to make and easy to keep the pH output for easy absorption on the stomach.


  • LVDC IONIC products are the ones currently be carried by Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, GNC and other nationally recognized chains.



HVAC Methods use 10-15,000 VOLTS

  • For Advanced Researchers who have current lab and electronics knowledge including intimate 'hands-on' experience with other colloidal lab production methods. 


  • Experimental methods of colloidal production and preliminary lab tests suggest that properly produced HVAC experiments create a smaller (Nano-sized) particle, hundreds of times smaller than LVDC systems can normally produce.


  • HVAC experiments can be Dangerous to operate and if you are not careful, you can get a nasty shock and even get killed if you don't know what safety measures to take. Pacific Organix Electronic Labs will only sell these systems to advanced field researchers and producers and they require a liability release signed and accepted before we can ship your HVAC system.

  • Infuses a (AC) synthetic charge on each particle to keep it in suspension.

  • Longer shelf life than LVDC created batches.


  • Particles are not polarized like LVDC systems produce.

  • Produces a HIGHLY ENERGETIC charge on each particle, some users actually complain that it infuses them with "too much energy" real world people results are still out on these methods, so any commercial producer will be required to independently test their own methods and samples for safety and use issues.


  • HVAC cannot be chained to make multiple batches easily

  • Makes crystal clear Silver, Zinc, Copper and Gold in the 1 to 10ppm range or greater.


  • NST and HVAC Units made by Pacific Organix Labs can produce these advanced methods.

  • Uses advanced experiments that Pacific Organix includes in their included system manuals such as:

Underwater Arc Method -GoldTOTAL SUBMERSION METHOD*



 -and 4 other useful experiments for creating Clear Silver, Copper and Zinc and crystal clear low ppm gold as well as experiments to create gold in the rose colored pink ranges -all WITHOUT USING ANY ADDITIVES.


And for the elusive NANOGOLD, you need even different

Glass Tube Arc Bars and have to use the Underwater Arc Experiment we perfected in 2000 below 




What lab equipment do I minimally need to have to begin producing Colloidal Minerals at home or in my office lab?


You Minimally require everything in the LAB ITEMS picture to the left. Leaving out any of the components could be a critically mistake. Each item an important link in producing a safe and effective colloidal product.

TDS-1 ppm meter by Hanna is the cheapest and most efficient way to lab test you distilled waters and your colloidal batch outcomes for strength, ppm levels of a silver, copper, zinc or combination batch. Our deluxe systems include the Hanna Labs TDS-1 meter, shown as figure 8 in the picture.

The Hanna PWT tester, not shown runs about 60-70.00 and is even more accurate for IONIC and some particulate based colloidal products.

Item 7, the laser pen is ideal for Nanoparticulate batch visual testing, using the TLE (Tyndall Line Effect) shown and explained in our 2008 Colloidal Production Guide. A tight beam flashlight could be used in an emergency.

The key to a good and quality colloidal products is:

Use LAB approved beakers, tri-pure or glass, use .9999 or better electrode matched sets. Use a good power supply with correct current and voltage setting. Use Correct Plasma Arc Bars, with glass tubing for gold production. CLEAN EVERYTHING AFTER EACH BATCH and your next batch will be just as pristine and quality as the very first batch.

Take a look at the chart below, it will give you some ideas about the differences in the two (LVDC-IONIC and HVAC-PARTICULATE)  methods of colloidal production and will help you decide what kind of system you may want to purchase and experiment with.


Some customers have been approved to buy Custom built DC/HVAC Combo units, while others are authorized to buy a separate IONIC based system and a separate PARTICULATE based system. We DO NOT sell HVAC systems or equipment to new colloidal producers. Please start out learning on LVDC-IONIC systems before upgrading.


Take a look at the chart below, it will give you some ideas about the differences in the two (LVDC-IONIC and HVAC-PARTICULATE)  methods of colloidal production and will help you decide what kind of system you may want to purchase and experiment with. Some customers have been approved to buy Custom built DC/HVAC Combo units, while others are authorized to buy a separate IONIC based system and a separate PARTICULATE based system. We DO NOT sell HVAC systems or equipment to brand new colloidal producers. Please start out learning on LVDC-IONIC systems before upgrading.



Besides our DIGIPRO systems, we wanted to help you in your search for decent colloidal products and also warn you about the really crappy units and the sludge makers (bad batches of colloidal) that are out there.


There are a few other companies units we actually liked and they are listed here (they are not in any order of preference) with any negative or positive comments we have based upon actually having one or more of their models in our repair facility, or from what they claim and advertise of their company website and print catalogs.





Finished Reading this page? Now, go check out what Colloidal Systems we have to offer by jumping HERE 

Ordering a  NST HV System from  ORGANIX TECHNOLOGIES, LLC.

We require all potential customers of any NST High Voltage power supply to download, read through and agree to the User Agreement/Safety Liability Waiver located here:

NST MODELS (Models in bold are commonly stocked and/or ordered)

NST-120- 10.5KV-30   105-135 VAC input 50/60 HZ                 Output:  10,500 VAC @ 30 ma (milliamp)

NST-120- 10.5KV-60   105-135 VAC input 50/60 HZ                 Output:  10,500 VAC @ 60 ma (milliamp)

NST-120- 12.5KV   105-135 VAC input 50/60 HZ                      Output:  12,500 VAC @ 30 ma (milliamp)

NST-120- 12.5KV   105-135 VAC input 50/60 HZ                      Output:  12,500 VAC @ 60 ma (milliamp)

NST-120- 15  KV   105-135 VAC input 50/60 HZ                  Output:  15,000 VAC @ 30 ma (milliamp) -preferred system.

NST-120- 15  KV   105-135 VAC input 50/60 HZ                  Output:  15,000 VAC @ 60 ma (milliamp) -preferred high power system.

INTERNATIONAL MODELS (Models in bold are the normal ordered  and take up to 3 weeks in house build)

NST-220- 10.5KV-30  205-277 VAC input 50/60 HZ                 Output:  10,500 VAC @ 30 ma (milliamp)

NST-220- 10.5KV-60  205-277 VAC input 50/60 HZ                 Output:  10,500 VAC @ 60 ma (milliamp)

NST-220- 12.5KV   205-277 VAC input 50/60 HZ                     Output:  12,500 VAC @ 30 ma (milliamp)

NST-220- 12.5KV   205-277 VAC input 50/60 HZ                     Output:  12,500 VAC @ 60 ma (milliamp)

NST-220- 15 KV     205-277 VAC input 50/60 HZ               Output:  15,000 VAC @ 30 ma (milliamp) - prefer system.

NST-220- 15 KV    205-277 VAC input 50/60 HZ               Output:  15,000 VAC @ 60 ma (milliamp) -preferred high power NST-220 system.

Available Extras (All prices are examples only and in USD)

QPC-32 1000 ml Poly Beaker, with 5 way electrode binding posts for use in all LVDC/HV TSM methods $30 and up

QUAD-QPC same as above, but set up for 4 electrodes (double density)   $40 and up

PPM Meter: Handheld Hanna TDA 1 LVDC Ionic Meter $50 and up

PPM Meter: Handheld Hanna PWT  Ionic and HV Nano Particulate meter $149 and up

PPM Meter: Handheld Tri-mode Ionic, PWT and HVAC nano particulate reading meter $149 and up

Extra HV Leadsets (to jumper and make multiple simultaneous batches) 24” PAIR  $45 and up

ARC BAR with glass pipettes (only way to make NanoGold using HVAC) Wooden with glass rods $40 and up

Electrodes (we only carry the following electrode types)

Silver Electrodes:  .9999 purity 6” x 14 Gauge (very thick) electrodes. From $30 per pair and up. Each pair makes about 500 gallons of 10 ppm NanoSilver.

Silver Electrodes:  .9999 purity 6” x 12 Gauge (ultra thick) electrodes. From $50 per pair and up. Each Pair makes about 600 gallons of 10 ppm NanoSilver.

Gold Electrodes: .999 purity 24 karat solid 6” X 20 gauge electrodes, from $300 per pair and up. Makes about 150-200 Gallons 5-10 ppm pink NanoGold.

Gold Electrodes: .999 purity 24 karat solid 6” X 18 gauge (thick) electrodes, from around $390 and up. Makes about 300 gallons of 10 ppm pink hued NanoGold.

Platinum Electrodes: .9999 purity 6” X 22 gauge electrodes, from $500 per pair and up, makes about 100 gallons of 10 ppm Nano Platinum. 

Zinc Electrodes: .999 purity 5” X .75 wide bezel strip electrodes, from $30.00 per pair and up, makes about 1000 gallons of 10 ppm NanoZinc.

Magnesium Electrodes: .999 6” X .20 wide bezel strip electrodes, from $30 per pair and up, makes about 30 gallons LVDC and TSM 10 ppm NanoMagnesium.

Copper Electrodes: .999 purity  6” X 14 gauge electrodes, from $20 per pair and up, makes about 150 gallons of 10 ppm NanoCopper


Once you decide on which model you will need from the above list, we suggest you pick on of our money saving accessory packages below. 


This is the NST only, no accessory’s included.  These are great for building your own basic system. The NST ONLY package comes outfitted with the 3 wire grounded IEC or USA cord and plug. International USA to (your country) correct plug adapter are $10 extra and will mate perfectly and safely to your country’s wall AC power outlet.  


Includes the NST model of your choice as listed above. Also includes the following accessories: Latest version of the Alternative Health Colloidal Producers Guide, along with the latest addendums. One set .9999 Pure Silver Electrodes, One Set of .999 Copper Electrodes. 20” HV Leadset with Alligator Electrode clip holders. You supply the u/S reading PPM Meter (regular Hanna TDS Meters do NOT work correctly with HV experiments) , Beakers, Bottles, Distilled water to complete your system. 


Includes the NST model of your choice as listed above. Also includes the following accessories: Latest version of the Alternative Health Colloidal Producers Guide, along with the latest addendums. One set .9999 Pure Silver Electrodes, One Set of .999 Copper Electrodes. 20” HV Leadset with Alligator Electrode clip holders. Includes a COM 100 Tri-mode PPM Reading handheld meter  (a 149.00 value). Also includes our QPC-32 Electrode Holder/beaker system ($39 Value) and a ARC BAR ($29.00 value). You supply the Bottles, Distilled water to complete your system. 


All NST Systems are custom built for the customer by our USA manufacturing facility. NST-120 units are usually stocked and available immediately. NST-220 units are always special ordered from the factory, however, we usually have a few in stock. They take as little as 1 week to get into our lab for out fitting for our Colloidal Production uses. They have been known to take up to 3 weeks for build time at the factory. So prepare to have a substantial delay from the date you or and prepay your system, to the date you actually get your system. 

It is always a good idea to email us for an exact PRICE QUOTE, including shipping and handling BEFORE trying to order a complete system through our shopping cart method. In fact in the near future no systems will be ordered via BUY IT NOW links anymore. 

Please pick a MODEL from above list and the PACKAGE and let me know your Address, City, State or Country, so we can figure out your correct shipping costs and include them. Customs import fee’s or taxes are your responsibility, however, unless otherwise noted, we always value and insure the system for BASE DEALER REPLACEMENT values. If you want full retail insurance, you must tell us this up front and pay the extra shipping, insurance and handling that requires.  

NST Prices, the shipping and handling, electrode prices literally are changing up and down every single day. 

Please email us and tell us what NST model you want, including the PACKAGE and or added extras.

Give us your City, State, Country, so we can figure out shipping. Be aware that the NST units we sell, are the really, heavy duty (they weigh 35 pounds alone) and will last a lifetime if used per our instructions. 

Questions? EMAIL ME HERE

Here’s a typical order we receive: 

NST-220  15 KV Model in the Deluxe Plus Package (to Europe)  $695.00

Add USA to Europe Plug Adapter $10.00

Shipping and Handling to Europe:  $145.00 **This is only an example; please email us with your wishes. We will always try and get you our best PACKAGE PRICE over just ordering off our website. 

Often times we can save you 5% or more when you let us work through a system quotation with you. If you are a returning customer and have ordered products within the past 12 months, please remind us, so we can give you a returning customer discount. 

NST-220 International orders are all subject to our ORDERING TERMS listed on our website. Please read and understand the restrictions BEFORE making and order. Any questions, email me and I’ll help you out. 

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