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After twenty years, recently spam has gotten so bad, that Organix Technologies
has a new Contact Email address.
Please click HERE to contact us after June 1st, 2019.
Thje old email address is being deleted


If you just made an Order, it is important you read through and understand the following information regarding your purchase


Satisfaction, Warranty and Returns Help Guide Updated April 10, 2018

Covers all US and International Orders and includes important shipping & delivery information


Contact Information

We are located in Portland, Oregon, USA.


Email Sales or Technical Support Questions

Monday - Wednesday 10 AM to 4 PM PST



Email Us 24/7

We do not offer any kind of public sales support via telephone at this time. We require that all correspondence be in written form (email preferred) due to Insurance Liability reasons and to avoid any confusion or miscommunication when it comes to our Laboratory Power Systems or Colloidal Production methods. Taking the time to read & study our open public information on will usually answer all your questions.


When communicating with us, be advised that due to the nature of our proprietary LVDC & High Voltage methods we use and teach, we make it a point not to discuss our proprietary colloidal production methods or to talk about any possible medical uses of our products, SO PLEASE DON'T ASK!

Just Ordered?
Thank you for your interest in Organix Technologies.
If you just made an order, we will begin to process the order as soon as possible. If you want to add or delete items, please email us
within 12 hours to make the change.
Product Changes are usually not possible after 24 hours.

Important TSA - US Customs Info

Please do not purchase system(s) with any GOLD or PLATINUM electrodes if you plan on taking the systems outside of the USA. If you check the system and/or accessories, including electrodes as baggage, the TSA may confiscate any or all precious metals as they do not understand that the system and electrodes can only be used in conjunction with each other.

DO NOT PURCHASE A SYSTEM INSIDE THE USA for use OUTSIDE the USA without talking to us first about how to properly send your system abroad.We suggest that all orders should be shipped direct to the customer under regular allowed USPS/UPS regulations


Do I need an actual PAYPAL account to order items from your company?


No, you do not require ANY PAYPAL Account to make a Credit Card purchase. After you have selected your items and by pressing the  'ADD TO CART' buttons or by selecting the 'BUY IT NOW' links on our WebPages, the system will send you over to a SECURE PAYPAL HTTPS page that is administered by PAYPAL. You will see a place to provide your PAYPAL USER NAME and PASSWORD.


If you do not wish to use your PAYPAL ACCOUNT (or do not have one) and wish to pay by means of most Credit Cards, please look to the left of the LOG IN AREA and you will see a box to check labeled "I don't have or wish to use a PAYPAL ACCOUNT at this time" click here and it will send you to a separate  Credit Card input field. Once there, fill out everything and submit your payment.

Please make sure you add your telephone number to the fields or in the comments areas so we can call you to update you on your order.



I paid through the new Google Cart System and it automatically CANCELLED my order within 24 hours, what happened?


GOOGLE CHECKOUT has detected a possible mismatch with the info you entered or worst case scenario is that the system has detected a possible fraudulent use of a Credit Card. If you are the actual card holder and still want to re-order, please email us ASAP at the CONTACT US link section above.


If you are having trouble making your Colloidal batches or believe your System is not operating properly, please consider the following information and maybe try some of the suggestions below.

VERY IMPORTANT- all of the diagnostic tests & suggestions listed below are published in the guides and books which were included with your system.

If you have to email support about production issues you might be having and it becomes clear that you haven't read your guides and manuals or your questions fall under the basics of Colloidal Production 101, and you still have to ask, then it's clear to us that you should not have been allowed to purchase a system in the first place!

If you have a hookup problem or believe that your power supply is not working, READ YOUR GUIDES AGAIN!

By the way, if we find out that a customer has mislead us when they first purchased their system, at which time you stated that you met or exceeded the minimum technical lab/electronics experience we require for you to properly and safely setup experiments, operate said equipment and test you own experiments done via the use of a LVDC or HVAC power supply, then WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO STOP ANY FUTEHR TERCHNICAL SUPPORT TO YOU, due to the fact that our Liability Insurance does not have a lying-Moron clause.

Try the following suggestions (list is not in any particular order)

1- Check your Power Supply Output at your red/black terminals by hooking up an optional VOM (Volt Ohm Meter) or simple DC Voltmeter to the proper red/black jacks. Turn on the power supply and adjust the power supply output to 12VDC as shown on the PS meter. When you hook up your volt meter (set it for DC in the 0-20 range) your VOM reading should read within +/- 2 VDC of the dialed-up PS voltage to the proper red/black jacks.

2- Make sure your lead set is attached to the proper red/black jacks and you are connected to the QPC terminals and that the electrodes are also making a good solid connection. A cheap and dirty way to test all these connections for low voltage (0-30v) systems

3- Reading through the guides should have already given you a bunch of self-diagnosing ideas, plus you should know by now about Tindall effect as a second visual test to see if you're actually producing anything, or if you're just sitting there with plain old ds water.
Even as simple as checking the actual voltage output of each 0-30v port outputs using an optional cheap volt ohm meter would be a good start here.
4- If you believe you have a problem with low ppm outcomes, maybe it’s your meter.
What make/model of TDS meter do you have?
Have you changed the batteries yet?
Try testing your ppm meter on a glass of plain tap water, what does it read?
Maybe your water is really pure, which can cause batches to take several hours or more.
What brand distilled water are you using? What is its beginning ppm reading?

5- So, do your low ppm colloidal batches have any sort of Tyndall effect? If you don’t what the Tyndall test is or how to do it, please read your guides again! Try a Tyndall line test by going and buying cheap <%10 laser pen and shoot it down into a cup of your beginning distilled water, the laser should pass clear through. After you make a batch, then test your sample, even at 3 ppm there'll be a slight Tyndall line visible, which means it’s working!

6- You live somewhere on Earth and each area has its own SLP effect. You were supposed to run a 5 to 7 day long run of samples to build your own baseline timing chart. Slow batches could be an effect of your SLP and it’s possible that a batch could take 3, 5 or 10 hours to reach a certain ppm, even only at 10ppm, but ONLY YOU can figure that out!

7- As a test, force your PS series LV power supply to full voltage and current (all voltage/current fine/course knobs turned clockwise or up). The voltage readout should show 30+ volts. Once turned up, try making a copper batch using plain old tap water. Run it for an hour, then test it. What's your beginning tap water ppm reading, what's the copper batch reading after its gone an hour?
Is there any black buildup on one of the copper electrodes?? If there is, it’s working.
Tap water will form chunky solutions fast, and the chunky solutions measure high, so it's a dirty way to prove everything’s working.

Please do not compare your batches to our chart data, because those published charts are based upon our local SLP effect and we never used magnetic stirrers, which by the way does make a batch produce much slower, but the benefit is that the particles stay apart in the solution, with less fall out.

If you write in and still need help, make sure you tell us what power supply you are using, what mineral you are trying to produce, what you beginning distilled water brand is and what it’s ppm reading is before use.
Also, tell us what City/State you are in!



Important Information regarding ALL ORDERS


Organix Technologies normally stocks many of the items we sell, however, there are a few items we don't stock. For instance, if you ordered any of the following items, please be aware that those items are usually special ordered from our distributor or the factory. The chart below indicates what our past ordering process and delays have been. Your order may or may not fit the delay chart, as each item is unique. When we are required to special order an item in for you, we immediately place the order within hours of your verified payment. The ordering times listed below only include the time taken to deliver, test and burn in your item. USPS or UPS Times once it leaves here will be emailed to you along with a tracking number, if available.


PS-30, PS-50, PS-75, PS-120, PS-199, PS-400 and PS-500 Lab Power supply systems are special ordered out of our distributors in Florida or Arizona and can take up to 8 days to get into our team. Once here, we outfit, test and burn your system in for 12 hours. Your system is packed up with all your accessories and options and sent via UPS Ground or Priority Airmail.


PS-10, PS-20 are custom built here on site to order. Our teams requires 3-4 days of build/test time prior to shipping. Once shipped, you will be notified by email with the UPS or USPS tracking number. This tracking email may or may not have an anticipated delivery date.


NST-120 Systems take a couple days to get in here, so we can outfit and test them prior to shipping. NST-220 (International export units are custom built at the USA Manufacturer and require about 7-1q4 days, to get into our office, before we can outfit, add our colloidal accessories and reship the entire system to you. We have seen delays of the NST-220 for 25-30 days as the Manufacturer has had slow downs due to other manufacturing parts delays.


19" Commercial Rack Mounted Systems such as the PS-1000, PS-1500 and the PS-2000 were part of the old Pridelabs stock and are not being built anymore. All warranties are up on those systems. We can still repair some of those systems as we bought out all remaining parts & accessories from the old PrideLabs stock. If we decide to build any newer versions of the units, our usually building time is around 2 weeks. Once shipped, you will be notified by email with a UPS or USPS tracking number. This tracking email may or may not have an anticipated delivery date.




Some Scientific Equipment and Systems (all those listed above under 'ALL ORDERS'  are not normally stocked here in our small warehouse. The list also includes the NST-120 and International NST-220 units. The NST lead-time for outfitting, testing takes about 4 days for NST-120's. NST-220's are custom built right at the factory and they take 7-14 days to get into our team. Once here, we outfit, test and burn your system in for 12 hours. Your system is packed up with all your accessories and options and sent via UPS Ground or Priority Airmail.


 Orders that have been excessively delayed by this period are usually moved to the head of the line in our processing queue.




BEFORE WE CAN SHIP YOUR ORDER, your payment must be VERIFIED and settled into our account system prior to your shipment being mailed. Often times International Payments cannot be verified and our system may place an automatic hold on your order. This hold usually lasts 3 to 5 days, but has lasted up to thirty days in rare instances. The automatic hold is sometimes  necessary to reduce fraudulent credit cards and theft. If you do not want the possible 30 day hold, you may opt for completing a



We will pay your Credit Card Use fee's on all new orders. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card without charging our customers any card fees. International customers are required to pay a 1.5% International Card Transaction fee on every order, which we have no control over.


For US Payments we accept PAYPAL from VERIFIED USERS with VERIFIED ADDRESSES. All PayPal transaction fees of 3.5% are paid for by Organix Tech.


For International Payments we accept PAYPAL on a limited and secure basis from VERIFIED USERS with VERIFIED ADDRESSES.

All PayPal transaction fees of 3.5% are paid for by Organix Tech. We prefer that all International Users pay via Credit Card via secure PAYPAL whenever possible.


For International Customers who wish to use secure BANKWIRE transfers, we will accept the BANKWIRE at the daily exchange rate PLUS these additional fees:  0-$1000   Fee: $25 exchange rate flat fee.  $1000-$3000  Fee: $29 exchange rate flat fee. Please email us for more information if interested in a BANKWIRE PAYMENT to the email link above. 




We ship all USA packages UPS GROUND, 1st Class, Parcel Post and USPS PRIORITY AIRMAIL, whichever is most economical to both the customer and PAC-ORG-LABS. If your order included shipping costs, it is because our PAYPAL cart has automatically charged you a basic rate. Normally, this rate will cover your purchase. If the charged rate is over $5.00 less than the actual charge, you will be responsible for the extra shipping costs. Sometimes it would be a good idea on small items to order several. For example: A customer orders 1 pair of electrodes, the base rate will be $4.50, it would be wise for the customer to order many pairs of electrodes and get the same basic rate shipping up to several ounces. Customers might actually see their single pair of electrodes come by way of a 1st class envelope with only a $1.20 worth of postage instead, but will still be charged the base rate by our system.




We charge a large box or multiple box handling charge for any order over 30 lbs. This fee can be as high as $15.00 for large boxes over 30 pounds. We prefer to ship in one larger box, over that of many smaller boxes, as adding multiple boxes costs the customer and Organix Tech more money. Rest assured that we will package and mail in the most economical way we can.




We only use USPS AIRMAIL PRIORITY (or Global EMS) for all parcels up to 69 lbs. 

UPS (United Parcel) or FEDEX, DHL, etc. is not available to ANY International Customers at this time.




All Systems are UL and CSA Listed, please check with us on other required certifications (particularly CE listed items - the NST Unit are NOT CE listed and may be held up or stopped by Customs/Import offices in your country).

 You take on all responsibility of importing our systems that are not  CE certified imports of electronic devices. You may have to pay extra for non CE listed equipment in fees to your import/customs office, or they may disallow entry all together and ship it back. If a system is shipped back, we MAY allow a refund (minus 20% restocking charge and all shipping charges).




All shipments are normally insured at the base rate (the rate the VALUE is set to, minus 50% value as set by USPS). This sometimes WILL NOT COVER a damaged, lost or stolen article. However, if you have a damaged, lost or stolen article, please let us know and even though you will have to pay for a new replacement item, less any claim paid by UPS or USPS, we will promise to get you that replacement items at our real dealers cost.


It is highly recommended that International Customer pay for the extra Insurance, unfortunately, only GLOBAL EMS offers full coverage. Global EMS base rates are about 25% higher across the board. The customer MUST INFORM US and actually pay for GLOBAL EMS + INSURANCE or your packages will go out Priority Airmail.


Again, it is a good idea to tell us you want want full value insurance before we make you a quote and accept payment.  If we do self insure any systems or item per our own good will, it will only be for exact REPLACEMENT VALUE of the basic part.




The customer is FULLY RESPONSIBLE for all CUSTOMS REGULATIONS, IMPORT FEES, TARIFF'S and taxes. It is the Customers responsibility to verify and make 100% sure that these items and power supplies are allowed to be imported.

Customer will fully hold Organix Tech and it's owners completely harmless in all dealings with your local Custom's Department. The Customer is fully responsible for items lost, stolen or seized by Custom's officials. Please inspect your package and immediate make a claim of loss or theft to your local Custom's office, NOT PAC-ORGANIX-LABS.




IF any item gets sent back to us for any reason that is out of Organix Technologies control, the customer will have to pay the return shipping and processing fees plus pay the re-send shipping fees BEFORE  their order will be resent.




Once the parcel safely leaves our shipping desk and is accepted by UPS or USPS, the parcel and it's contents become the property of the CARRIER until delivery is made. Once delivery is made, QUICKLY INSPECT the box for damages. If there is any damages or items are rattling around, make the DELIVERY PERSON WAIT until you open and verify that the parcel was not damaged in transit. ALL DAMAGE CLAIMS MUST BE MADE TO THE CARRIER and not to Organix Technologies.



The following warranties apply-


 Embedded NST-120 or NST-220 modules both fall under their own manufactures warranty, which is usually 1 year parts & labor.

NST-120 and NST-220 units are made by Scott France Co and should be returned directly to that manufacture, not Organix Technologies. Please see your NST Guides for more information.


Customers are responsible to pay for shipping (including insurance) to get the units back to Organix Technologies, or the other manufacture


Other items, such as colloidal products, electrodes and other 'usable items' are not covered under any warranty period.


If you want any repairs made and your unit is outside the warranty period, please do not hesitate to call or email us. We might be able to help you get it repaired or replaced at dealer cost. We promise to sell you replacement items down the road at a discount, to keep you always up and running.




Please make sure you are ordering what you want, right from the start, as many items and systems offer a no return policy.


Organix Technologies wants you to be happy with your purchase, however, we do not offer any sort of 'trial examination periods' including testing of our systems or products without PRIOR (before the sale) written authorization by a Supervisor at Organix Technologies.


If you are dissatisfied with your purchase (free accessories, add-ons and give always have no guarantee whatsoever and cannot be warranted, repaired or replaced) for any reasonable excuse and your intended return is not due to any factory defect or warranty issue, we may be able to assist you if you contact us within 30 days of getting your package.


In lieu of a full refund or return, we may be able to allow you to upgrade to another system or product at no additional cost or at a deeply discounted cost (depends on the item and situation).


No matter if it is a Satisfaction Guarantee or an upgrade request, the customer is responsible for shipping costs required to send the item back to us.

If if it for an upgrade or replacement and not a warranty issue as verified and accepted by our staff, the customer  must also pay for shipping costs we incur to make a replacement or upgrade. Most Special Orders and International Orders are not allowed to use this return policy.


If you contact us within the 30 day period and we allow a replacement, upgrade, exchange or refund, these situations will all be subject to the following rules below.


Any Satisfaction Guarantee, Refund, Exchange, Upgrade or replacement will be made back to the original purchaser MINUS  the FOLLOWING:


1- all returns (other than warranty issues) shall be charged a MANDATORY 15% restocking fee (non-negotiable)

2- minus the Original Shipping, Packing and Insurance Fees we incurred in the first place as well as,

3- minus the Original Credit Cards Fees of between 3.5% for MasterCard & VISA  to 3.75% for AMEX and 3.50% for PAYPAL

(Credit Card Fee's are also non-refundable in most cases)

4- All Returns for replacement, upgrades or refunds must be returned in fully resalable condition, this means the item cannot have any marks, dents, scuffs, dings, broken cords, worn down knobs or labels, no tarnished or bent up metals or other items which have to be fixed or reconditioned. Colloidal Liquid Products must be returned UNOPENED and SEALED.


Customer pays SHIPPING BOTH WAYS if item is being returned, refunded or upgraded and is not a verified warranty issue.

If a verified warranty replacement, the customer only pays shipping back to our depot and PAC-ORG-LABS will pay to ship a replacement, refurbished or upgraded item (at our discretion) back to the customer.  *CONUS only, if you are an International Customer, we will work with you on a case by case basis.

5- If you send a product back for refund and it is not in resalable condition, we are authorized under these terms and by your acceptance of these terms by continuing to proceed with your order, that Pac-Org is authorized to charge you a nominal reconditioning or replacement fee of the affected part, metals, etc, up to 100% of it's original value.

6- Terms for these legalities will be concluded in the Courts of Washington County, Oregon, depending on where you unit was shipped from.

7- CREDIT CARD CHARGE BACKS initiated by you, without CONTACTING Organix Technologies, will not be tolerated. We, as the MERCHANT, will dispute ANY CREDIT CARD CHARGE BACKS unless you send back your ENTIRE PACKAGE, including ALL accessories FIRST for inspection. It should be noted that we as the Merchant will exercise our right to old any charge-back for up to 30 days under the law to dispute any UNAUTHORIZED CHARGEBACK initiated by any CUSTOMER. If for some reason your bank is able to capture an unauthorized charge back, we reserve the right to re-bill your card automatically ONCE AGAIN to re-capture the funds while the dispute period of 30 days is going on. We want to be fair, but we will not allow ABUSE or FRAUDULENT Orders to interfere with this RETURN POLICY. Unlawful chargeback's and failure to return the products under the terms of this policy will result in legal action. You will be reported to your LOCAL ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE and or your LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT and charged with theft.

To use any of the Policies on this page:


Step 1:


CONTACT us via EMAIL LINK ABOVE for RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (this is mandatory or your package will NOT BE accepted and you will be charged twice by your carrier to resend it again)


Step 2:

Package up the actual item (do not include the accessories if you are only replacing a power supply). Ship the parcel, postage paid to the return address you will receive from either Marc or Tony after contacting us.


**Customer PAYS all return costs for both WARRANTY or SATISFACTION REPLACEMENT guarantee as listed above and per the terms listed on this page.


Step 3: Sit back and wait, we'll get right on your issue, but please remember, we are not responsible for items sent back that are found not to be defective. In other words, if you didn't know how to operate a unit, you must not have read all the included Guides, Books and Addendums.


*Money back refund will be made at Organix Technologies own discretion, after inspection of the merchandise.

Organix Technologies, LLC, reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. This specifically includes past customers of PRIDELABS, LLC.


We reserve the right to send refund in Check or Money Order form, or via Charge Back onto your Original Credit Card.

ALL Charge Card refunds are subject to a $15 fee.


Some items and issues may not be covered or discussed on this page, please EMAIL us before making any rash returns, judgments so that we can address them quickly and to your satisfaction.



QUESTIONS, click here

Email Us 24/7

FDA Disclaimer and Website Product Terms of Use

The statements made on our websites have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician. The information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your physician, and should not be construed as individual medical advice. The information and testimonials on this website are individual cases and do not guarantee that you will get the same results, this includes results from any colloidal production experiment, or methods as discussed on this website and in any of our instructional guides, books or manuals.