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By Author Joan Grant

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NEW 2010 Colloidal Producers Guide 

New Advanced Colloidal Producers GuideLatest Version 2010
Colloidal Production
Health Guide 
includes an informative preview of the all new  'Living well Series'

"Another Hit for the Organix Labs Team!"

Intended for Intermediate through Advanced Colloidal Producers, Researchers and Commercial Manufacturers

The all new 2010 Colloidal Producers Health Guide is now available for sale and immediate delivery.

156 Pages full of Information!

Based upon much of the information contained in our previous and easy to read and understand Colloidal Production Guide 2008, the Alternative Colloidal Health Guide was created to help educate the home or commercial colloidal researcher who may be seeking to produce Alternative Health Supplements by means of manufacturing Colloidal Mineral processes and other healing herbal creams, salves and tinctures.

The guide teaches all Colloidal Producers (beginner through advanced) easily understood and comprehended methods of how to accurately manufacture various types of Colloidal Supplements, Creams and Lotions.

The guide is designed to support both commercial and home colloidal producers.

The guide teaches all current methods of Ionic (DC) and Nano-Particulate (AC) methods.

Includes Instructions and Illustrations of putting together your own Ionic or HVAC system.

Includes instructions and illustrations, pictures and charts to produce Ionic or HVAC Nano Particulate Silver, Copper, Gold, Platinum, Zinc, Magnesium and other futuristic colloidal health nutritional supplements.

Includes the latest FDA and DSHEA Regulations and Labeling requirements to keep your product legal.

Includes a chapter about the new CODEX Regulations that will go into affect December of 2009 that will possibly affect all Nutritional Supplements in the USA and around the world.
Buy your copy now,


Your low cost is only Retail $34.95 on Amazon

Now only $25.00 direct to you!

Included in the guide is our advanced preview of the 'Living Well Series' of recipes and instructions to apply Natural and Herbal remedies to current medical ailments and problems in a holistic manner.

Publication Date: Aug 12 2009
ISBN/EAN13:1448666872 / 9781448666874
Page Count:156
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size:8" x 10"
Language: English
Color: Black and White Interior
Related Categories: Health & Fitness / Herbal Medications
If you still want a copy of our Original Book, it's still available!

The Colloidal Production Guide 2008 Third Edition (complete with 2009 updates)
 - and includes all those OUTDATED Wild Ideas to help you come up with your very own variations of the colloidal production methods!

Maybe our ideas will help you get your Colloidal idea PATENTED and become the next huge Colloidal Manufacture!

If you want to be a colloidal producer whether it be for home or commercial use and want to know all the secrets for making a perfect colloidal batch of Silver, Gold, Copper, Zinc, this complete production guide is for you!

The Third Edition (August 08') Colloidal Production Guide is EIGHTY 8x10 pages full of experiments and the latest lab tested and approved colloidal manufacturing methods.

The guide shows you how to produce safe and effective colloidal minerals in both of the  IONIC (LVDC) method as well as the latest NANO-PARTICULATE (HVAC) method of colloidal production. We even have over 20 pictures, graphs and charts to help you along the way. The Guide comes complete with both an AC/DC Safety section to help even the newest producer safely make colloidal products in your home or office/lab.
From the Publisher:

Colloidal Production Guide
Advanced Ionic & Particulate Methods
By M Peterson, Pride Scientific Laboratories

The Colloidal Mineral Production guide gives the reader up to date information on laboratory tested, tried and proven techniques of modern colloidal production. The guide shows users how to safely and effectively recreate HVAC Nano-particulate liquids as well as the older proven LVDC Ionic methods. The guide includes pictures, illustrated graphs, ppm timing charts and baseline testing information. The guide offers ideas to produce within the latest US FDA, DSHEA and EPA regulations, including how to properly market and label your colloidal products for commercial use. The guide is a compilation of 5 volumes of 2000-2008 production experiments and published papers by several professional electronics, chemical engineers and amateur scientists.


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If it is LESS, you will received a small PAYPAL refund, if it is significantly MORE, you will be asked to pay the additional amount prior to shipping. This amount will be handled by us sending your a PAYPAL INVOICE for the extra charges. We will not ship any items until the account is paid in full.

Latest Amazon.Com Review

The author gives out this book with every DIGIPRO Colloidal Production System under their Pridelabs name and I understand that Peterson is making available the past 2005 Guides available free gratis to anyone on his new site as well.

Both this latest 2008 version and the free 2005 version on his website are similar, however, the 2008 version goes into allot more HVAC and Nano-Particulate production methods. 

The guide is very informative as the other reviewer stated. I have used 'Peterson's methods in my own labs for several years now and my outside lab analysis of my colloidal minerals come back exactly as the methods show in Petersons included charts. It couldn't be simpler to make one’s own colloidal health supplements in one’s own lab or office.

It appears that on Peterson’s company website, I have learned he has a new; more advanced 126 page Colloidal Production Guide coming out later this year, hopefully I can get a preview copy again and share with

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